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Zombie Cure Lab: Base Building Guide

Take your base building skills to the next level with this quick and handy guide

Zombie Cure Lab is a base building, zombie curing adventure published by Aerosoft GmbH. This guide is going to go over some simple yet efficient tips for base building and management that you can use to stay organized and prepare for future expansion.

We also have a Beginners’ Guide where you can learn how to start your base in what we found to be most effective. However, it’s not enough to just know which buildings and equipment you need. Much of the game relies on a very efficient and well-planned base. Having a convoluted layout can make you confused down the line and will cause you to quickly lose track of what is happening under your own nose.

Don’t be afraid to expand your initial base.

Zombie Cure Lab, Gameplay, Base Expansion
Image via Aerosoft GmbH

The common mistake that many players make is to remain constrained by the starting fenced area.  You can easily expand by adding a new fence and expanding your usable area. All this requires is forming new boundary lines with new fences. You can also keep the old boundary fence to divide your base into a sort of inner versus outer city type of thing if you so choose to. Expanding your base is going to be very important so it’s good to remember that this is an option for you even early in the game.

Keep in mind space for future upgrades when planning out your base

Zombie Cure Lab, Gameplay, Expansion Limits
Image via Aerosoft GmbH

When building bedrooms, science rooms, or kitchens, you may initially need to make 10 by 10 or 10 by 7 grid spaces depending on your resources. Adding more can often leave you running out of wood and other resources. Something that can help is to plan out a layout that allows for future expansion. Keep an eye on the terrain around you. This is going to be very helpful in planning out how your base is going to expand after several hours of playing. For example, are there any big boulders that are going to get in the way? if so, adjust the position and direction of construction accordingly.

Start using corridors more

Zombie Cure Lab, Gameplay, Corridors
Image via Aerosoft GmbH

A common mistake that you can make is not adding enough corridors and simply joining different buildings directly to each other with the help of doors. While this may work initially, you will quickly find that using corridors can not only make the structure of your buildings very organized, but it also allows for fast and efficient movement of your workers. The last thing you want is to see your workers navigate through convoluted room layouts in order to get to where they need to be.

Ensure your power grid is reliable

Zombie Cure Lab, Power progression, electricity grid upgrades
Image via Aerosoft GmbH

A side effect of quick expansion is running out of power and having all your equipment stall. if this happens, you probably won’t be able to build enough power sources in time before the next wave of zombies hit. It is therefore really important to always keep an eye on the supply and demand of power. You can probably get by with a bunch of windmills which are cheap and efficient early sources of energy. but as you start to unlock higher tiers, you need to carve out a space on the map dedicated just for power generation.

Don’t be afraid of modifying and merging rooms

Zombie Cure Lab, Merging buildings
Image via Aerosoft GmbH

An easily overlooked tool is the merge tool. You might find it very helpful when instead of building a completely new structure which may require a lot of resources, you can simply merge your building with something that isn’t that important anymore. Similarly, remember that there is nothing wrong with destroying older buildings. Sure, this is a little bit more wasteful, but it can help out in a pinch when you feel your base has become too unmanageable.


We hope these tips have been helpful to you. Creating a neat and tidy base can be very fulfilling but a lot of it comes from experience and trial and error so get out there and start building! If you are interested in trying out the game for yourself, click here to go the Zombie Cure Lab store page on steam.

What are your thoughts on our Zombie Cure Lab, base building guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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