Xiaomi’s latest patent shows an interest in the Metaverse and the Blockchain

Yet another big name is joining the race to make the Metaverse more accessible and better

After Krafton and Tencent, Xiaomi, the extremely popular smartphone manufacturer, is now stepping into the virtual side of things with a new patent regarding virtual characters and they certainly do seem to have some interesting ideas not too far off from what we already have.

In case you didn’t know, Xiaomi doesn’t only have a strong hold on the mobile market as they also offer home improvement items, laptops, smartwatches and a bunch of other such devices. 

Xiaomi is working on collectible NFT like virtual characters 

One of their developments though is a patent titled “Method, device and storage medium for generating image parameters of reproducible virtual characters” (translated from Chinese). The whole patent goes into detail, explaining the framework for what seems to be virtual characters that operate on the same principle as NFTs.

Xiaomi virtual character patient, Xiaomi metaverse
Image via Xiaomi

They’re unique, non-replaceable and non-destructible and each of them are generated to be completely unique and then they are to be taken care of by the owner like any virtual pet we’ve seen in the past. These could somewhat be like the whole Crypto Rabbit project Xiaomi put out in 2018 which they also shut down earlier this year only or it could even be a tie-in.

Virtual characters means that there’s possibly also a larger play at hand with their metaverse projects, although that is yet to be announced so it’s all speculation right now. 

Xiaomi is just one of the many names involved in the whole metaverse drive right now as they join even bigger corporations like Microsoft, Sony, Meta and many others who’re all working on different aspects of the metaverse. 

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