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Warhammer 40k Darktide Scriptures: Locations, how to use, rewards, effects, and more

All about scriptures in one simple guide!

In Warhammer 40k Darktide, Scriptures are holy books that can give you some positive results, that is if you carry them till exfill. Not everything is positive as it does come with its own drawbacks. Using this guide you will have a better idea of where to find them, how to use them, what their effects are, their drawbacks, and more.

How to find Scriptures in Warhammer 40k Darktide

Pre-defined spawn locations

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Scriptures have a set of pre-defined locations where they can spawn. It is important to know that at least for the first few times, you explore the entire map and figure out which are those locations. Once you know those pre-defined locations you can revisit them and the scriptures are sure to spawn in one of those locations.

Watch out for peculiar sound cues

Finding a scripture can get really repetitive once you know where to look for them, but at least in the beginning it can be pretty daunting. Scriptures are always accompanied by ominous murmurs. You can hear them when you are a few feet away from them. It’s pretty similar to the ones you hear when you are close to Daemonhost. Be on the lookout for these voices as they are your guiding light to finding these Scriptures.

Rewards and effects of Scriptures

No major side effects

A Scripture will not reduce your health the way a Grimoire does. But it is necessary to note that Scriptures do take up an equipment slot, which means you won’t be able to carry any medkits or ammo boxes for the rest of the mission or until you drop it.

Additional Rewards

warhammer darktide scripture rewards, scripture in warhammer 40k darktide

Scriptures boost your experience points and Ordo Dockets at the end of each match. That’s all there is to it. It should be noted tho they are stackable, meaning multiple numbers of these books can be carried by more team members to increase these effects. This can be very beneficial for leveling up quickly if you are starting out new. Although getting some achievements and penances require you to compulsorily carry them.

How to Use Scriptures in Warhammer 40k Darktide

Functions passively

Scriptures can function passively as they do not require the player to use used in any form. Equipping is enough to get its effects. Besides this, it can be used to push enemies; although it does not deal any damage, it can give you some breathing room when you don’t have time to switch to a weapon.

Even tho scriptures take up an inventory slot they can be swapped out later or can be given to a more experienced player for safekeeping.

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