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Warhammer 40k Darktide: Grimoire locations, how to use, rewards, effects, and more

All about grimoires in one simple guide!

In the game Warhammer 40k Darktide, Grimoires are mysterious green-colored light-emitting books that can be carried around for additional rewards. Grimoires put you in a high-risk, high-reward situation, as it comes with significant drawbacks that can put you at a serious disadvantage, but the game rewards you handsomely for your troubles. These books are stackable, meaning multiple of these books can be carried, which can result in multifold effects and rewards. In this article, we will give you a better idea of where to find them, how to use them, what their effects are, their drawbacks, and more.

How to find Grimoires in Warhammer 40k Darktide

Pre-defined spawn locations

Grimoires have a set of pre-defined locations where they can spawn. It is important to know that at least for the first few times, you explore the entire map and figure out which are those locations. Once you know those pre-defined locations, you can revisit them, and the grimoires are sure to spawn in one of those locations.

Look for a Green Glow

warhammer-darktide-grimoire location screen shot, grimoire in warhammer 40k darktide
Image via Fatshark

Grimoires are books that emit a mysterious green light; hence look out for this green glow. Usually, in the dark areas on the map, you might see a green glow; if yes, you might have found yourself a grimoire. Use them wisely.

Rewards and Effects of Grimoires

Reduced health but can be healed

This is probably the biggest side effect of carrying a grimoire. It drops your and your entire team’s health by 25% and keeps dropping little by little every ten seconds. The longer you wait, the faster your health depletes. So the only way out is to speedrun through the map after that. Your health can be healed but only up to a certain point if you visit a medical station. Due to the corruption(the purple stuff on your health bar) of the Grimoire, your max health threshold drops, and the medical station can only heal you up to that threshold. If your health exceeds the threshold, it will fall back again.

Additional Rewards

Grimoires have better rewards than scriptures due to their additional risk. They give you better experience points, Ordo Dockets, and mission rewards. It can help in low-difficulty missions to level up faster. Also, if you have a strong team, you have got everything planned out, and not playing with a bunch of randos, it is worth carrying multiple grimoires as they can have stackable effects. Which means faster health drain but a high reward count. Either way, whatever you choose to do, do it wisely.

How To use a Grimoire in Warhammer 40K Darktide

Functions passively

Grimoire can function passively as they do not require the player to be used in any form. Equipping is enough to get its effects. Besides this, it can be used to push enemies. Although it does not deal any damage, it can give you some breathing room when you don’t have time to switch to a weapon.

warhammer 40k darktide grimoire
Image via Fatshark

Can be discarded

Pretty self-explanatory; if you are running low on health or have decided to change your mind, you can discard a grimoire. Note that discarding grimoires are permanent and can not be undone.Even though grimoires take up an inventory slot, they can be swapped out later or given to a more experienced player for safekeeping.

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