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Valve’s Team Fortress 2 assets are reportedly leaked

Valve's biggest ever leak

Over 60GB of Valve‘s Team Fortress 2 assets have been leaked online by a Twitter user. The leak includes a repository full of maps, taunt animations, weapons, textures, skins and some unused character models.

Team Fortress 2 is a class-based shooter developed by Valve Corporation and was published in 2007. Although, the game doesn’t receive major content releases by Valve anymore, it is supported by the players in form of fan events.

The repository was leaked on a Discord Group called “Valve Cut Content” by a user going by the name “Leakwanderer”. A twitter thread also revealed that the leaker had the files since 2016 and they did not upload these until now because they were being threatened ,but have now lost contact with that person.

What all are leaked about Team Fortress 2

The fans of TF2 have started digging into the files from the moment files in the leaked repository in order to find unseen content that could have made it to the game and have already found many never before seen maps, models, PSDs etc..

Twitter user Richter Overtime has already found maps, such as “vip_hunted, mvm_mminingtower, mvm_forest, trainyard, mercenary park beta” and a sequel to the popular map “dustbowl” has been found called “dustbowl2”. Along with the new maps a model of the three-legged giant robot has been found which is rumored to be the boss but was never introduced officially in the game.

This might not be all that is to be found in the repository as due to it’s sheer size it would take more time to sift through all the files. But, when asked if the leak contains content from other Valve published games such as Portal ,CS:GO and Left 4 Dead Series the leaker denied stating that “they are in their own repository because their engines are in separate license.”

An early prototype of Left 4 Dead is also leaked

This might be the biggest Valve’s biggest leak ever, but it’s not the only Valve leak in recent times as just a few days earlier a video showing footage from an early prototype of influential zombie-shooter Left 4 Dead had leaked online. Left 4 Dead was developed by Turtle Rock Studios along with Valve and published by Valve in 2008.

A video was uploaded by a user called Wolfcl0ck showing a player shooting enemies labeled as zombies in a Counter-Strike map called “Zombie_City”.

What are your thoughts on the Team Fortress 2 asset leaks? Tell us in the comments below.

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