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Two Point Campus money making guide: Best ways to earn more cash

Understand, analyse, and make more money.

One of the most critical resources in Two Point Studios’ Two Point Campus is money. Going in the red and having repeated losses will send you into debt and that can make your gameplay come to a standstill. Therefore, we have made this guide to help you keep the money rolling in Two Point Campus.

Negative effects of money going in the red:

  1. Students failing grades
  2. Staff quitting
  3. Unable to build or maintain campus

Major factors that affect the money flow in Two Point Campus

If you hover on the money icon ($) on the bottom right of the screen, you will see 6 main sub headings that affect your money in Two Point Campus.

The 6 factors are:

  1. Tuition fees (profit)
  2. Rent (profit)
  3. Staff Wages (loss)
  4. XP Bonus (profit)
  5. Loan Repayments (loss)
  6. Loan Interest (loss)

Therefore, managing these 6 efficiently will give you access to quick and easy money in Two Point Campus. Monthly Profit/Loss is the sum total of all the six factors and we’ll explain all six of them to guide you in making more money in Two Point Campus.

1. Tuition Fees will bring in a good money flow

Tuition fee is the amount students pay for the classes and its various equipment in Two Point Campus. The total money gained is dependent on the number of students, the value of the course and the amount you set at the beginning of the year. One thing to note is that for the first two years we would advise to keep the tuition fees and course fees on default while you work on the student happiness.

A student who is unhappy will refuse to pay fees. So, invest in student happiness and it will benefit you greatly. A happy student will be willing to pay higher fees, but don’t go overboard.

Tips for student happiness

  • Keep campus clean
  • Have high quality of classroom and the courses
  • Make lavatories and bathing cubicles to keep their health up.
  • Provide entertainment and food facilities to keep them motivated
  • Make sure the dormitories are to the students liking
  • Build friendship and relationship building items like benches and others.

2. Manage rent efficiently

This is money paid by your students to you for their dormitories. Universal across all students, and paid until they leave university is a good way of earning easy money in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus dormitory
Image via Two Point Studios

Tips for a good dormitory

  • Make it spacious
  • Add decorations
  • Add study tables and cupboards
  • Add a bed

You can make it as you like, but the 4 basics should be absolutely present. Same as the tuition fees wait for the 2nd year to increase the rent and in that time work on maintaining and increasing their happiness and hygiene.

3. Proper Staff Wages are important

Staff wages in Two Point Campus is essentially one of the ways you lose money without exception. So, in order to increase our money quickly we need to reduce this expenditure. But, setting the wages too low will affect their happiness. Therefore, to counteract that we need to make sure we can set up so their happiness will be high so we can balance their loss of happiness from a relatively lower wage.

Two Point Campus staff wage
Image via Two Point Studios

Tips for staff happiness:

  • Send exhausted staff on breaks
  • Be generous with designing and furnishing the staff rooms
  • Providing training will not only make them happy but also increase their teaching ability so student will learn quicker.
  • Having a good attractiveness and prestige value for your campus will give a huge boost to you staff happiness.

4. XP Bonus gives a passive money boost

One of the best ways of getting a lot of money passively in Two Point Campus is through XP Bonus. Factors by which you get better XP Bonus includes student grades improving, teachers learning skills, challenges completed. The XP bonus in particular can vary from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands which in turn can ensure you stay profitable even in otherwise unprofitable times.

This is directly influenced by the previously mentioned points. So, manage those well and you won’t have to worry about getting better XP Bonus in Two Point Campus.

5. Loans play a major role

Players can take out loans in Two Point Campus by clicking the little icon of a building at the bottom of the screen next to the staff/characters icon, then clicking on the money bag icon that appears.

Two point campus loans, Two Point Campus making money
Image via Two Point Studios

Loans have two associated money loss factors related to it

  • Loan Repayments
  • Loan Interest

These values are pretty much fixed when taking a loan. So, you will have a fixed target to meet. Try paying off the loan as fast as possible as the interest is cumulative over time in Two Point Campus. In order to pay off the loan interest quickly without too much increase we have a trick to make using the money more effective and not allowing the interest to increase too much.

  • As soon as you take the loan immediately pause time and do all the building you need to do to increase the money incoming.
  • Pause time frequently during building, hiring, and making other setups and un-pause only when you need the changes come into effect.
  • We have found this to be the most effective way of reducing loan related money loss.

These major tips should be enough to learn and understand how the money flow works in Two Point Campus. Moreover, check our beginners guide to Two Point Campus to learn the basics of the game.

We hope that this Two Point Campus money making guide will be useful for you to make fast progress in the game. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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