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Two Point Campus Guide: Top 5 Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for the beginners

Build the campus of your dreams

Simulation game lovers are in for a treat with the latest instalment of Two Point Studios’ latest release in the Two Point Series called Two Point Campus, after the extremely loved Two Point Hospital and along with its Jumbo Edition. Therefore, to assist in your Two Point Campus gameplay we would like you to offer a few tips and tricks to build and manage the perfect campus of our dreams.

1. Pause time frequently

The most important mechanic many forget or miss out on using is the pause mechanic. We have all been busy building our campus putting in rooms and other important facilities and hiring staff all the while time keeps ticking. To effectively do all your building without having something unexpected happen while you are busy building is to pause time. So, remember to pause frequently while building and checking out other features.

Two Point Campus pause time
Image via Two Point Studios

2. Keeping students and staff happy is essential

Looking into the happiness of the Staff and students just does not just give you the joy of seeing a lot of smiling faces but is necessary for maximizing their productivity in Two Point Campus.

Unhappy Staff Effects

  • Teachers struggle to effectively teach students
  • Staff struggle to perform their janitor/assistant responsibilities

Unhappy Student Effects

  • Student grades are directly impacted
Two Point Campus Happiness, Two Point Campus student happy
Image via Two Point Studios

How to keep the Students Happy in Two Point Campus

  1. Regularly book events
  2. Keeping tuition fees as low as possible
  3. Keeping the campus looking aesthetically pleasing
  4. Creating clubs for students to join
  5. Completing Student Goals

How to keep the Staff happy in Two Point Campus

  1. Paying them a good wage
  2. Providing them training
  3. Being generous with staff rooms
  4. Sending exhausted staff on a break
  5. Keeping the campus looking nice and with high prestige levels

3. Frequently check the Overview window

Two Point Campus offers an excellent Overview window. These well designed graphical representations offer an easy way to understand the various aspects and requirements of the campus. One should use this to their advantage by frequently checking and adjusting the factors to gain optimal campus conditions.

Two Point Campus overview
Image via Two Point Studios

4. Do not rush into starting a new year

Each New Year in Two Point Campus will bring an influx of new students. While, the prospect of new goals and challenges is very alluring; if you keep rushing into a starting a New Year soon you will notice the campus not being able to keep up with the student requirement and this can be disastrous. Remember, take it slow and the campus will grow.

Two Point Campus new year
Image via Two Point Studios

5. Check traits before hiring

When hiring you will notice other than the particular primary skill certain individuals will have additions perks to their stats. Be wise when hiring and choose the best perked individuals.

Two Point Campus hire staff
Image via Two Point Studios

Additional tip

You can send underperforming students for private tuition to increase their performance. And this turn will help you to get more experience and money in two Point Campus.

We hope that this Two Point Campus guide will be useful for you to make fast progress in the game. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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