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Thetan Arena Tier List: The best heroes ranked

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Thetan Arena is a play-to-earn MOBA NFT game based on blockchain technology developed by Vietnamese developer, Wolffun. The game is comprised of role-playing, a multiplayer online battle arena, and fantasy elements. So in this Thetan Arena character tier list, we’ll rank all the available characters based on their abilities.

Thetan Arena Hero Classes

Thetan Arena has various heroes who are divided into three tiers, each of these heroes has their own special ability called Fury. On the other hand, each hero has personal stats based on their roles on the battlefield. This makes choosing heroes for the team a highly strategic move as it directly contributes to the winning of the match.

Heroes in Thetan arena are divided into three classes:

  • TANK: The frontline hero who is responsible for dealing heavy damage to opponents.
Thetan Arena Tier list, Thetan Arena NFT,
Image via Wolffun Game
  • MARKSMAN: The ultimate support for the team who stays behind and takes down enemies from distance.
Thetan Arena tier list, Thetan Arena NFT,
Image via Wolffun Game
  • ASSASSIN: Assassin is the aggressive hero who plunges into action and takes down low HP enemies.
Thetan Arena tier list, Thetan Arena NFT, how to play and earn from thetan arena
Image via Wolffun Game

Thetan Arena tier list: Heroes ranked from the best to the worst

The heroes are ranked into the following tiers based on their abilities:

Strong (S)BreakerRaidon, MaryPhoenix
Good (A)Mortal, El DragonCluster, Destroid, Steelshot, Morrod
Fair (B)Veinka, Errant GhostRei, Taekwon, Durass
Weak (C)MeikoSerpShanna, BigPapa, Culien, Bathos

Rank S

  1. Raidon: Raidon is an Assassin who believes in justice, he is from the Delta Special ops and has taken the responsibility of maintaining peace in the world.
  2. Mary: An Assassin from the noble family who has mastered the use of dagger and pistols. Her extreme agility allows her to swiftly strike enemies and escape in a flash.
  3. Breaker: Breaker is from the criminal gang Metal Outlaw, he takes smashing things seriously.
  4. Phoenix: A marksman who desires to stop the pain and suffering of the people, who also has gifted special abilities.

Rank A

  1. Cluster: Popularly known as the Legendary Bounty Hunter, Cluster is a highly skilled marksman.
  2. Destroid: A marksman wanted by the authorities for creating explosions.
  3. Mortal: Mortal is a skilled Assassin who also happens to be the younger brother of the twin criminals from the Metal Outlaws gang. He loves destroying things.
  4. El Dragon: El Dragon is a fearless assassin who was a professional robot boxer in the past, she is known to be the best in what she does.
  5. Morrod: Morrod is the ultimate marksman who is also a member of the Sniper force, he is called the silent killer and has top-notch scouting skills.
  6. Steelshot: A senior commander of the Delta Force who knows how to use his strategies, firepower, and technologies to eliminate enemy forces.

Rank B

  1. Taekwon: A martial arts specialist who wants to become the best in the world, he goes by the rules and takes down anyone who challenges him.
  2. Veinka: Veinka is recruited directly from the Royal British Security by the order of the queen. Veinka is mechanically augmented and now joins the United Nation to protect his homeland.
  3. Durass: A skilled assassin who is also a technology expert, Durass belongs to a lost tribe and fights on the battlefield like a true warrior.
  4. Errant Ghost: Errant Ghost is the leader of the order, who was previously a member of the government; he was kicked out because of his power manipulation behavior.
  5. Rei: Rei has joined the force to save his people from oppression, he is an elite assassin who can eliminate targets easily.

Rank C

  1. Shanna: An elite marksman archer who used to protect the ancient family of China, she will take on the opposing forces with Phoenix and Meiko.
  2. Meiko: A mechanical augmented girl who takes on the task of saving the weak with her mecha robot, she is a trustworthy teammate.
  3. Serp: Codenamed Serpent, he is the commander of the South American Marine force who excels in flanking and ambush techniques.
  4. BigPapa: The notorious representative of the South American underworld who dominates with power.
  5. Culien: An outer space creature who resembles a baby but deep inside is a very cunning and chaotic creature.
  6. Bathos: A survivor of the war who lost his family, after being saved he pledged his life to be an avenger and save others.

These are the most effective and powerful heroes of Thetan Arena classified by their classes and divided in a tier list according to their ranks.

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