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The ultimate guide to the Sandbox Metaverse platform

Everything you need to know about the Sandbox!!

In the past few years, we have witnessed the evolution of blockchain technology and the metaverse which have now become the talk of the town for the endless possibilities they offer. In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about the Sandbox Metaverse platform.

What is the Sandbox Metaverse

The Sandbox metaverse is a virtual platform on the globally famous Ethereum blockchain, in the sandbox metaverse using the utility token SAND, users can create, control and sell their game experiences.

The centralized ownership and the control of user-generated material in the present game market restrict creative rights and ownership, this also results in players not being able to get fair value for their creations. On the other hand, players also have difficulties proving ownership of their work as the content is constantly copied, edited, and improvised.

The Sandbox, The Sandbox Metaverse
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In order to counter this problem, the system is developing a Voxel Gaming platform that will allow players to create, construct, play, collect and share without depending on the Centralized authority whilst having copyright ownership and earning the native utility token SAND.

In addition to this, Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are being used to create and assure copyright ownership of content with each in-game item having a unique and unchangeable blockchain identity. Because of this, NFTs are becoming the new way of buying Art across the world.

What are the Sandbox Metaverse tokens

Sandbox metaverse has four user-specific tokens which are used to construct an enclosed economy amongst users in the ecosystem called GAME, ASSET, LAND, and SAND. There are two more tokens that are mainly used during VoxEdit to construct assets. The platform has four types of users, Creators, Curators, players, and landowners.

The Sandbox Metaverse, The Sandbox tokens
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The tokens are as follows:

  • GAME: An interactive experience created by using game programming and combining assets is called Game. In order to be active in the Sandbox, GAMEs must be combined with a LAND token. Game maker allows game creators to develop games with non-fungible tokens based on the ERC-1155 standard.
  • ASSET: Animals, structures, and Vehicles are considered assets. NFTs based on the ERC-1155 standard can be purchased and also sold on the marketplace.
  • LAND: Each LAND token follows the ERC-721 standard and is non-fungible, a LAND token on the Sandbox metaverse is a digital piece of land that owners can fill with assets created with VoxEdit or games created with game maker.
  • SAND: SAND is the utility token of the Sandbox ecosystem, the SAND token can be used by users for all transactions and interactions and it is based on the ERC-20 standard.

What is the SAND token

The SAND token is an ERC-20 standard utility token that acts as the foundation of all Sandbox transactions. It can also be called the native currency or coin of the Sandbox ecosystem.

The Sandbox Metaverse, The Sand token
Image via TheSandbox

The sand token can be used for the following activities:

  • Accessing the platform: A sand token is used to access the platform which is one of the most basic things. With the help of the Sand token, players can customize their avatar, play games, and purchase equipment. Creators use the Sand token to buy assets, land, and stake the token.
  • Staking: Sand tokens allow staking, this means that lands will have passive incomes. By staking users can earn more SAND tokens, and also staking is the only way with which players can earn expensive Gems and Catalysts which are essential for creating assets.
  • Free Capture Model: Of all the Sand token transactions 5% is distributed with 50% going to the foundation and 50% going to the staking pool as a reward for token holders.
  • Governance: The sand token is also a governance token that allows token holders to vote on platform governance via a decentralized automated organization(DAO). These voters have the power to vote on key issues like foundation grant attributions and the future priorities of content creators and gamers.

What are the Sandbox Ecosystem products

The Sandbox Metaverse, The Sandbox Products
Image via CoinTelegraph

Products of the Sandbox Ecosystem are as follows:

  • Crypto VoxEdit: The sandbox game building essentials are 3D pixels known as voxels. In the sandbox program, creators use the VoxEdit program to build their own games out of these 3D pixels. Assets are characters and other in-game items which are developed in VoxEdit. They can be converted into ERC-1155 standard-compliant NFTs which can be printed as many times as they want.
  • Sandbox Marketplace: Sandbox Marketplace allows users to sell their digital assets to other users. These digital assets from verified developers can be purchased by game creators to create game experiences.
  • Game Maker: Within the 3D Sandbox metaverse creators can create numerous gaming experiences, Game Maker requires no coding expertise because of which even amateurs can get started with creating games on the vast and creative sandbox platform.

What is the Sandbox metaverse game

A Sandbox game is a decentralized blockchain game, in which the majority of the game’s assets are NFTs. Anyone can buy these NFTs which will make them the owner of the particular location or item on the sandbox game.

How to buy the Sandbox Crypto

The Sandbox Metaverse, how to buy sandbox crypto
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Sandbox crypto can be bought in a few ways, like winning the token in the game by performing tasks, other than that users can buy Sandbox crypto on famous platforms like Metamask, Bitski, Uniswap, and Coinbase wallet.

How to buy Land in Sandbox

Currently, there are two types of Land available in the sandbox metaverse:

  1. Regular Land
  2. Premium Land

Each LAND token is a non-fungible, one-of-a-kind ERC-721 token. Since Land is required by users to develop their games and experiences, Land can be bought using the Sand tokens. Players can directly buy Land using the map where they will be able to see available Land. Players can also buy Land on Opensea, where users can buy Land through Ethereum or Sand.

After a user has successfully bought Land, he can use the Sandbox marketplace to sell the Land if he/she wishes to in the future. And by owning land on the sandbox metaverse, users will be able to vote and play a key role in the development of the technology.

Sandbox is the future because it only focuses on the decentralized gaming environment in which users take the call on everything. Keeping in mind the speed of its growth and the potential it has, Sandbox is sure to turn out to be a good investment.

The platform is also collaborating with famous artists and brands, notably Deadmau5, Snoop Dogg, Walking Dead, and Adidas, the platform is only going to grow big and introduce more immersive content.

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