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The Sandbox is bringing Gravity’s Ragnarok to its metaverse platform

Exclusive Raganarok content will be available on The Sandbox

Well-known video game company Gravity and the metaverse gaming platform “The Sandbox” announced their partnership and the introduction of the Ragnarok IP on July 27 on Sandbox’s metaverse platform.

This collaboration will result in the creation of Gravity’s Ragnarok LAND in The Sandbox as well as the release of content and NFTs that make use of the Ragnarok IP. Additionally, a game jam where participants produce original material based on Ragnarok’s personality and beliefs is being developed.

Ragnarok IP fans will have more to explore

Ragnarok, the trademarked IP of Gravity, debuted with Ragnarok Online in 2002. Since then, it has expanded to include a variety of games for PC and mobile platforms, such as Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Ragnarok Origin, Ragnarok X: Next Generation, Ragnarok V: Resurrection, and Ragnarok Begins. A successful service is being provided for this global IP.

Gravity The Sandbox, Ragnarok coming to The Sandbox
Image via The Sandbox

Based on the widespread acceptance and appeal of the Ragnarok IP, Gravity is also actively running several licencing companies, including animations and merchandise using the Ragnarok Monsters.

Through the partnership with The Sandbox, it is very meaningful that users around the world will be able to meet content using Ragnarok IP in The Sandbox Metaverse. In the future, together with The Sandbox, we will try to present various metaverse contents using Ragnarok IP so that users can have more fun. Please look forward to it.

Seongwook Choi, Director of Gravity Business Division

The Sandbox, on the other hand, is expanding the metaverse world with more than 200 partners, including Cube Entertainment, Skull & Counta, K League, Geppetto, Snoop Dogg, Warner Music Group, Dead Mouse, Adidas, The Walking Dead, Smurf, and Care Bear. Gravity, too, joined this time, along with Hana Bank, Channel A, Lotte World, CJ ENM, Samyang Annie, Studio Dragon, Knockout Como, Poror.

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