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The Legend of Neverland guide: Tips to increase combat power (CP)

Increase your CP fast!

The Legend of Neverland is an MMORPG game for mobile where almost everything you do as a player is going to affect your combat power. Very normal things like equipment, stats, level, and skills will affect your combat power.┬áThere are also many other things in the game that are going to affect the CP of users, some of those results will be visible immediately and some are going to take time. In this guide, we are going to learn about some of the elements in the game which are going to increase your combat power in the game. However, if you are new to this game, make sure to check our beginner’s guide for The Legend of Neverland.

How to increase CP in The Legend of Neverland

1. Amplify equipment

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There is one thing that should be remembered is that enhancement levels will be the same regardless of any weapon swapping and equipment. Thus there is no reason to store the enhanced dust until you get better equipment. Keep adding to or enhancing weapons and gear under your belonging. Once your gear is amplified just swap it out with the old one.

2. Advance your equipment

Advancing equipment will increase the stats of the weapons you have. There’s a rank system in the equipment where if there’s an S rank weapon and a T rank weapon, it’s obvious that the S rank weapon or equipment is stronger. Advancing weapons or equipment is going to need stuff like gold and certain materials which can be farmed in the Abyss of ancient ruins.

These materials are generally dropped by huge enemy bosses or can be forged too. Players will need to mine much higher quality ores to forge the advancement materials if they want to make their weapons or equipment much more powerful and sturdy.

3. Upgrade skills and talents

upgrade skill the legend of neverland
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Keep improving your skills and talents to the core. There are just four classes in this game and you’ll have access to separate skills and talents. Upgrading the skills of other classes will increase your CP of course. It is suggested to focus on the main class’ skills. But in the case of talents, enhancing main class talents can only lead to the other talents being unlocked after reaching the total skill level of one class.

4. Upgrade your spirit

upgrade spirit the legend of neverland
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The equipment spirit and companion is known as Miru. Its menu can be accessed by acquiring the Equipment Spirit Button in the main menu. It can be fed with unutilized tools and spirit EXP crystals to level it up. The players will get bonus stat boosts as well as they can unlock more features such as auto battle, auto identify, additional fairy team slots, auto enhancement, etc by leveling up the spirit.

5. Improve your flower fairy team

improve flower fairy team The Legend of Neverland
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The purple/legendary fairies carry the players well whereas the gold/mythical fairies increase CP. To summon mythical fairies or duplicate legendary fairies, the players have to complete tasks and earn more summon seeds. Mythical fairies have higher base stats. To increase CP further, the players have to get more mythical fairies. Check this tier list to know the best fairies in The Legend of Neverland.

6. Upgrade and advance flower fairies

upgrade flower fairies the legend of neverland
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Players can use Flower Fairy EXP and level up their flower fairies. It will increase their level as well as their stats and help boost the character’s CP. The flower fairies’ skills will level up and improve their effects with the leveling up of the flower fairies. Players will get to know their maximum level which they should reach for increasing their skill level by tapping on the skill. Failing to advance them will hit the level cap and hinder further growth as the advancement of the fairies is important for leveling up further.

7. Inlay and Upgrade Crystals

The additional stat-boosting items are called crystals. It can be equipped to your character. The players can have up to 10 clusters which mean 30 crystals total as each cluster contains 3 crystals. Individual crystals have their own stats. The equipment of the crystals is necessary. The crystals can be combined to get higher quality crystals that have higher stats.

8. Inlay starstones

Starstones can be gathered by completing guild activities, there are many star slots available that are determined from before. Players need to use their Starving dust to upgrade them, there are many empty star slots too. These work just as crystals which give a boost to the stats of certain things in the game. Star Stones can be upgraded and if your stone is at legendary+ grade then you can upgrade it even further with the help of starstone advancement.

9. Unlock Costume Skins

unlock costume skin the legend of neverland
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After getting a new apparatus or advancing it for the first time, its appearance will be noted in the Adventure Book. The players will get a CP boost and they will be provided a stat reward bonus after unlocking it.

10. Expand Monster Lore Knowledge

Killing monsters for the first time will be registered in the Adventure Book. To get a permanent stat boost, players have to claim the lore reward. To gain more exp for that particular monster, players have to kill that monster continuously. Players can increase their lore knowledge level if they gain enough lore exp. It will give permanent stats. They will be able to transform to it, after maxing out their lore knowledge level.

11. Consume Attribute Berries

After consuming, permanent stat bonuses are given by these Berries. Wild quests can be obtained.  If the players finish all tasks, they will have a daily supply of berries.

12. Equip Titles

Players can unlock titles after completing variable duties or meeting necessary demands i.e upgrading Flower Fairies, maxing out the myth levels of every monster in an area. The stat bonuses of these Titles are temporary. The titles will be applied only if the players have equipped. If the players equip a different title, the current CP will dip.

What are your thoughts about our guide on how to increase CP in The Legend of Neverland? Let us know in the comments below!

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