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Slime Rancher 2 guide: All map data node locations

Find out how to activate all the Map Data Nodes in the game!

Slime Rancher 2 is the sequel of the original Slime Rancher from Monomi Park which was launched back in 2017. The game just launched in early access a few days back and has already started receiving great reviews from its players. The map of Slime Rancher 2 is very big and most of it is covered by dense fog in the beginning players need to go to various Map Data Nodes across the map and activate them to make the fog disappear to find out the cute slimes. But they can be difficult to locate for every new player, so in this guide, we are going to locate all the Slime Rancher 2 Map Data Nodes in the easiest ways possible.

All 8 Map Data Nodes location in Slime Rancher 2

Map Data Nodes are located all over the map but there are no hints or clues provided to players and they need to find all of them by themselves to unlock the complete map. They look like small holograms and after activating them, the fog from one part of that particular region disappears and that part of the map gets unlocked.

The map is divided into three parts namely the Rainbow Fields, Starlight Strand, and Ember Valley. Here’s how one can activate all the Nodes of the respective regions one by one.

Map Data Nodes in Rainbow Fields (Total 2)

The Rainbow Fields are the first region that the players come across because this is the closest region to The Conservatory and is also the home base of our protagonist. This is also why one part of this region is already unlocked from the beginning. It has a total of 3 Map Data Nodes and this is how the players can unlock the other two.

  • 1st Map Data Node
Rainbow Fields !st Map Node
Image via Monomi Park

The 1st Data Node of the game that the players need to activate is technically the second one they come across after starting the game as the first one is automatically activated from beforehand. When players enter the Rainbow Fields, they need to continue on the same path until they come across an archway from where they need to climb up a series of inclines where they will finally find the Map Data Node.

  • 2nd Map Data Node
Rainbow Fields 2nd Map Data Node
Image via Monomi Park

This one is a little more difficult to find if compared to the last one. Players need to head towards a small circular passageway which can be found near the rocky area which can be found at the southeast of the player icon on the screen. Then they need to walk along the curvy path and then they will finally find an elevated platform where the Map Data Node can be seen sitting on the top.

Map Data Nodes in Starlight Strand (Total 3)

In the beginning, the whole map might seem quite small to the players but over time they come to understand that it is quite big and there are some mysterious ways and passages which lead to these lands.

Players might notice that some very large mysterious Slimes are blocking some entrances. These slimes are known as Gordo Slimes and players need to feed them in order to make them move. But in order for players to find their way around them, they need to unlock the whole region by activating the Map Data Nodes, and here’s how they can do it.

  • 3rd Map Data Node
Starlight Strand 1st Map Data Node
Image via Monomi Paek

Players need to turn backward at the entrance of Starlight Strand and jump on top of the walls there and stand on the porch. From there they need to walk along the beach and take the spiral ramp to the Map Data Node. This becomes a lot easier if the player has a Jetpack so it is recommended for them to unlock one as soon as possible to save their time and energy. Here’s our guide on how to unlock Jetpack Slime Rancher 2 to get it in the quickest way possible as from this point on, most of the Nodes will become unreachable if one doesn’t own a Jetpack.

  • 4th Map Data Node
Starlight Strand 2nd Map Data Node
Image via Monomi Park

This one can be found in the center of Starlight Strand and to reach it players need to follow the pink area from the entrance into the region while carefully watching out for the lake on the left side. Players will require a Jetpack for this to get up to a higher ledge from where the Map Data Node can be spotted from above on the ground on the opposite side of the lake.

  • 5th Map Data Node
Starlight Strand 3rd Map DataNode
Image via Monomi Park

This is the last mode that needs to be unlocked in this region and can be found on the southern side of the map. Players need to walk along the pink territory until they reach the large stone ruins which act as a barrier to the south side of the map. Once on reaches the farthest side of the ruins, they need to go over to the platform above. From there the Map Data Node can be spotted on another platform and players need to use their Jetpack to jump over to the other side.

Map Data Nodes in Ember Valley (Total 3)

This region appears after one has fully unlocked the Rainbow Fields and has encountered the Pink Gordo Slime which can be moved the same way as before, that is by feeding it. It is a very vast and dangerous location and without a map, it’ll be really difficult for the players to explore it, so here now all the 3 Map Data Nodes can be discovered easily.

  • 6th Map Data Node
Ember Valley 1st Map Data Node
Image via Game Guides Channel

This is the closest node that can be found from the entrance of Ember Valley. It can be reached by either using a Jetpack or taking a geyser upwards towards the right side.

  • 7th Map Data Node
Ember Valley 2nd Map Data Node
Image via Game Guides Channel

This can be found on top of a cliff in the northern part of the Ember Valley. It can be reached by using the same geyser which the players used for the 1st Map Data Node and then go on to move along east towards the rocks. There’s also an alternate way that involves going through a Batty and Crystal Slime-infested area and then flying up using a geyser to the 2nd Map Data Node.

  • 8th Map Data Node
Ember Valley 3rd Map Data Node
Image via Game Guides Channel

This is the final node location which the players need to the far west side of Ember Valley to activate it. It has the most dangerous path including lava and aggressive Slime which will block the player’s path. The 3rd Map Data Node can be found on a single rock adjacent to a number of geysers next to a tree.

Did this guide help you activate all the Map Data Nodes successfully in Slime rancher 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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