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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet guide: Best Psychic-type Pokémon and where to catch them

Use Psybeam!!

The newest generation of Pokémon has just landed on Nintendo Switch and Switch lite with the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The newest generation of Pokémon takes place in the Paldea region with a total of 400 Pokémon both from the new region and some of the old ones from the previous generation making a return. The Psychic type out of the 18 distinct typing in the game has a total of 35 Pokémon available in the game. Defensively Psychic type has resistance against fighting and its own typing and offensively it is 2x Strong against Fighting and Poison types. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best psychic type Pokémon along with their stats, locations, and more. We have also made a list of the best ghostflyingpoisongrasswater, and fire type Pokémon of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet for you to find the best Pokémon of each type.

Complete list of psychic-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

These are all of the Psychic-type Pokémon you can find and catch in the Paldea Region.

  • Ralts
  • Kirila
  • Gardevoir
  • Gallade
  • Drowzee
  • Hypno
  • Oricorio (Pa’u Style)
  • Spoik
  • Grumpig
  • Bronzor
  • Bronzong
  • Meditite
  • Medicham
  • Armarouge
  • Espeon
  • Girafarig
  • Farigiraf
  • Gothita
  • Gothorita
  • Gothitelle
  • Indeedee (Male)
  • Indeedee (Female)
  • Rabsca
  • Filittle
  • Esparthra
  • Hatenna
  • Hattrem
  • Oranguru
  • Slowpoke
  • Slowbro
  • Slowking
  • Bruxish
  • Beluza
  • Scream Tail

Best psychic-type Pokémon and where to find them

With this many options, picking the best Psychic-type Pokémon for your playthrough might be confusing, so we made a list of the best ones you should go for if you are looking for Psychic-type Pokémon. We excluded the version exclusive Pokémons.


  • HP: 95
  • Attack: 75
  • Defense: 110
  • Special Attack: 100
  • Special Defense: 80
  • Speed: 30
  • Total Combat Points: 490
Pokemon Slowbro
Image via Nintendo

Slowbro is a strong special move Pokémon and has access to some of the strongest moves in the game. Once you can set up your Slowbro by using the Nasty Plot move then you are guaranteed to win any fight you are faced up against. You can also pivot against strong physical attacks with its high base defence. You can get yourself a Slowbro at Casseroya Lake.


  • HP: 67
  • Attack: 89
  • Defense: 116
  • Special Attack: 79
  • Special Defense: 116
  • Speed: 33
  • Total Combat Points: 500
Pokemon bronzong
Image via Nintendo

Bronzong is a defensive beast with a whopping 8 type resistance and 1 complete immunity as well as hefty Defense and Special Defense. You can further increase its resistance or Immunity by getting a Bronzong with either Heatproof or Levitate ability. You can find Bronzong in most of the area from the Ruins and Snow biome.


  • HP: 120
  • Attack: 90
  • Defense: 70
  • Special Attack: 110
  • Special Defense: 70
  • Speed: 60
  • Total Combat Points: 520
Pokemon Farigiraf
Image via Nintendo

Farigiraf is a Normal and Psychic type with only 2 weaknesses and a high HP stat, which makes it hold its own in any battle and dish out some great damage via its own high special attack stat. You can find it and its pre-evolution Girafraig in The Great Crater of Palden.


  • HP: 68
  • Attack: 65
  • Defense: 65
  • Special Attack: 125
  • Special Defense: 115
  • Speed: 80
  • Total Combat Points: 518
Pokemon Gardevoir cover
Image via Nintendo

Gardevoir is a strong pick if you are looking for a good Psychic or Fairy type as it can offer many things from both types. It strives in Set up based play and if you are into that you can easily get your Gradevoir by evolving your Kirlia at level 30 or look for it in Glaseado Mountain.


  • HP: 68
  • Attack: 125
  • Defense: 65
  • Special Attack: 65
  • Special Defense: 115
  • Speed: 80
  • Total Combat Points: 518
Gallad Pokemon
Image via Nintendo

Similar to Gardevoir, Gallade also evolves from Kirlia, but only by the sage of Dawn Stone on a Male Kirlia. If Gardevoir is an expert at slow set-up play then Gallade is the opposite of that with a fast-faced battle style to finish off any opponent with its high Base ATK stat.

Which are the best psychic-typPokémon according to you in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? Let us know in the comments below.

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