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Omega Strikers guide: Ranked mode guide with tips and tricks

Climb up the rank ladder faster!

Omega Strikers is the latest fast-paced 3v3 battle arena sports brawler game developed by Odyssey Interactive. The main objective of the game is to score goals and win, the first team to score five goals will win the match but they will have to win by a difference of two goals. Winning a match in Omega Strikers will reward the players with League Points (LP) and striker credit. In this guide, we’ll explain the ranked system in Omega Strikers and how the players can rank up fast in the game.

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Omega Strikers rank system explained

Omega Strikers has a simple but pretty long rank ladder to climb, there are a total of eight rank tiers in Omega Strikers:

  1. Rookie
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum
  6. Diamond
  7. Challenger
  8. Omega
omega strikers gameplay
Image via Odyssey Interactive

Every player will start in the rookie rank and will have to grind their way up to the top Omega rank. Each rank tier will be divided into three more subranks: low, mid, and high. Each player will have to pass all these ranks before being promoted to the next one.

How to unlock ranked mode in Omega Strikers

Players will have to unlock the ranked mode by completing missions in Omega Strikers. These missions will make the new players familiar with different aspects of the game and slowly unlock different features. Completing these missions while playing matches in Omega Strikers will allow the players to unlock the ranked mode.

How to rank up faster in Omega Strikers

Winning the match is the only way to rank up in Omega Strikers. Players will be rewarded league points if they win a match, and will lose league points if they lose a match. Winning a match will reward the players with 20 to 35 LPs and losing will result in the loss of 7 to 9 LPs.

Gaining more LP is the most important thing to rank up faster, so players will have to focus on winning the game more. Omega Strikers is a team game, so players will have to be selfless and play their role properly and efficiently if they want to win more games to rank up.

omega strikers striker
Image via Odyssey Interactive

Playing with your friends can be a good way to rank up faster as you will have proper communication and understanding with them as your teammates. If you are solo-queuing in Omega Strikers, you must focus on the role your team demands rather than choosing the role you prefer the most. It’s important to choose your best striker from the required role for performing well in the team during a match.

What do you think about the Omega Strikers rank system? Let us know in the comment section.

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