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Ninja might switch to YouTube Gaming after losing partnership with Twitch

What is going on with our favorite streamer.

Fornite streamer Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevin is one of the few superstars of gaming. With 18 million followers on Twitch, he is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated personalities on Twitch. But recently the situation might have been hard for the streamer, as he announced taking a break from streaming after abruptly shutting the stream down. He has also gone silent on all of his social media, leaving all the fans in a baffled state.

Why Ninja took the decision to go on a break

It all happened on 1st September when Ninja was streaming Fortnite with fellow content creator SypherPK. Everything seemed pretty normal until a enemy player rifted away from them while being in air. This is what seemingly triggered Ninja, as he started ranting about it before abruptly closing the stream. “I’ve had enough of this, man… I’m leaving. I’m done. Honestly dude? I’ve got to take a break from streaming,” Ninja said before going.

Following this event, within the next hour, Ninja went silent from his Twitter too. He removed his profile picture, bio, and cover. He also renamed his Twitter account to ‘User Not Found.’ Within few moments he posted a tweet where he said, “I just need a break…I don’t know when I will be back, or where.” After few moments, Ninja posted his last Tweet where he said something big was coming, and also added his Twitch channel on the tweet.

Another event happened right after these, as Twitch took away partnership from Ninja. Ninja was one of the most famous partnered streamers on Twitch, but he previously hinted that he might not continue his partnership with Twitch after his contract is over. Ninja’s contract with Twitch was reportedly supposed to end in August this year.

Ninja might switch platforms after he returns

Ninja’s sudden exit from Twitch surely left all the fans in a puzzle. But fans have been expecting Ninja to switch to YouTube Gaming after he returns. Fans are predicting this switch as Ninja mentioned the word “where” in his tweet about taking break from streaming. His last tweet saying “big things are coming” made more people predict the same.

Ninja’s partnership with Twitch being over added more possibility of the switch to happen. If that happens, Ninja will not be the only one to switch to YouTube after cancelling partnership with Twitch.

Other famous streamers also made a similar switch in the past after their contract with Twitch was cancelled. With YouTube being the second biggest platform for streamers, it is most likely that Ninja will join YouTube after he returns to streaming.

This will not be the first time of Ninja leaving Twitch. Previously on 2019, the streamer decided to leave the platform and join a new platform ‘Mixer.’ But the switch did not work out for Ninja, as he made his return to Twitch soon after one year. There have been no confirmation from Ninja or his manager about the possible switch. Fans can only wait to find out what he meant by “big things” on his last tweet.

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