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Netflix’s Resident Evil TV Series will not be renewed for a second season

Not really a surprise to many

Netflix’s Resident Evil TV Show, which dropped on the platform back in July, has now been cancelled according to Deadline and really no one seems to be surprised or care enough about it due to the rather lacklustre storyline. And the show’s viewership drastically fell despite a debut in the top 10 board during its first week of release.

Resident Evil is one of Netflix’s biggest failures 

As it turns out, you cannot in fact take one of the biggest franchises with a large and pretty educated fanbase and give it the Stranger Things treatment and Netflix really learnt it the hard way with this show, if they learnt anything at all.

A story that doesn’t make much sense, shoddy dialogues and a lot of other critiques make this show a complete mess and every Reddit thread and Twitter comment section is full of people criticising the show, many outright saying it shouldn’t even have been made to begin with.

Resident evil tv series
Image via Netflix

One redditor comments “It shouldn’t be that hard to make a good, or at least watchable Resident Evil adaptation, but for some reason it seems near impossible”, pretty much summarizing what every viewer has in mind.

The tradition of cancelling shows continues and Netflix manages to mess up yet again with their adaptations, although according to viewers, the one highlight here was Lance Riddick as Albert Wesker, who they want to see more of. But apart from this, the whole thing was an utter and complete disappointment.


Hopefully Netflix will learn from this unfortunate failure and work on making their adaptations better in the future, although with how they’re going at present, its tough to say.

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