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Nautical Life 2 guide: best tips to catch fish

Catch bigger fishes

If you love role-playing games, then you will also like Nautical Life 2. Nautical Life 2 is a role-playing game where players go through some of the best oceanic adventures. Players can enjoy stand learn new and unique fishing techniques. There are hundreds of fish species to catch. The game provides you with a massive map to enable realistic and real-world features. In this article, we will provide you with the best tips to catch more fish in an easy way in Nautical Life 2. Meanwhile, you can also check our beginner’s guide or skill and crafts guide for Nautical Life 2.

Best tips to catch fish in Nautical Life 2

1. Learn the perfect range for the bait

nautical life 2 fishing bait limit
Image via Alphaquest Game Studio

If you are near the shore or in the boat, don’t tap too far from the character. It will not reach the area where you clicked. So, instead of this, you can tap close to the character.

2. Try different places for fishing

nautical life 2 different fishing place
Image via Alphaquest Game Studio

You will be getting different kinds of fish in different areas. If you are fishing nearer the shore you get the common or maximum small fishes. If you take your boat and reach far from the shore, you can get rarer fishes or big fishes.

3. Catch more rare and big fishes

nautical life 2 upgrade rods
Image via Alphaquest Game Studio

If you want to catch big and rarer fish but are failing to do so. You can upgrade the fishing rod which comes with more value in the character power bar to create a maximum difference between you and the fish. More advanced fishing rods can help you to catch rarer fish easily.

4. Try out the skills

nautical life 2 try skills
Image via Alphaquest Game Studio

If you are facing too many difficulties in catching one fish. You can try out the skills which are placed on the bottom side of the screen. There are many skills to perform like exhaustion which reduces the fish’s resistance and silence which prevents the fish to use the skills. These skills will make your catching of fish more efficient and easy.

5. Explore the map

nautical life 2 explore map
Image via Alphaquest Game Studio

If you are bored of catching the same types of fish. You have the option to travel to different islands by exploring the map. Different islands consist of different types of fish so, you can go and catch all types of fish.

What are your thoughts on out tips for catching fish in Nautical Life 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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