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Nautical Life 2 guide: all the skills and crafts for a better progression

Learn all the skills and crafts

Nautical Life 2 is a role-playing game with some of the best oceanic adventures. Through this game, players can experience thrilling fishing techniques. In Nautical Life 2, there are countless varieties of fish to capture. To enable realistic and real-world characteristics in the game, the game gives you access to a sizable map. The game is built on a fishing career where players travel to various locations in order to capture particular species. A very important part of the game is the skills and crafting part. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide to all the skills and crafts in Nautical Life 2. Meanwhile, you can check out our beginner’s guide for Nautical Life 2.

Nautical Life 2: important skills to upgrade


This skill improves the strength of the character. It is used to increase the power bar of the character so that you can obtain more difference from the fish. A fish also have a particular power bar to pull off the fishing bait so, you need to recover the fish’s resistance to grab that fish. The more the difference, the more you can catch efficiently.

nautical life 2 skills
Image via Alphaquest Game Studio


It reduces fish resistance. If you are facing difficulties to catch fish, you can just try this skill to reduce the decrement of fish resistance. It will provide you with more time to catch the fish.


It is the skill that prevents the fish from using skills. If you use this skill, the fish can not use any skills against you and it will be easier for you to catch the fish. Often fish raises their strength so you can use it to avoid.


It is the skill used to freeze the fish power bar. Using this skill will make the power bar of the fish stop for a while. It will be stopped at a fixed point. It is recommended to use it when the fish power bar is pointed low so, it will be efficient for you to catch the fish.


It makes the character’s power bar green when it’s the best moment to hook the fish.

Nautical Life 2: all the crafts available in the game

Crafting is actually a fusion of different resources to get a better resource. As you know, in the game you have to collect various resources and then craft them to make better things. There are the following crafts present in the game.

Meals to restore the stamina

  • Grilled Anchovy: It requires only one anchovy fish with two kinds of wood to craft this meal. You can recover 20 energy points by obtaining this.
  • Grilled Trout: It requires two Atlantic croaker fishes to craft this meal. It will help you to gain 25 energy points.
  • Grilled Sea Bass: It only requires two seabass fishes to obtain this meal. It will also help you to gain 25 stamina points.
nautical life 2 recipes
Image via Alphaquest Game Studio

Construction materials

  • Iron Ingot: By crafting five iron ores, you can obtain a pure iron ingot.
  • Plank: To obtain this plan wood you need only five palm tree wood. You have to cut the palm trees to obtain the wood and craft them later to obtain the plank.
  • Rope: It can be crafted with only five fibers. You can obtain fiber material by cutting the trees.
  • Firewood: If you need a born fire and have a shortage of firewood you can craft them. You only need five kinds of wood to craft to obtain the firewood. Woods can be obtained by cutting trees.
  • Stone Block: To craft the stone block, you only need five stones to get it. You can use your pickaxe to crush the huge stones into smaller stones. From there, you can collect them and craft them to get the stone block.

What are your thoughts on our skills and crafting guide for Nautical Life 2? Let us know in the comments!

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