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Marvel’s Midnight Suns hero tier list for picking the best ones

Unleash the power of the Marvel universe with the best heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns!

Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of powerful superheroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, each with its own unique abilities and skills. In this Marvel’s Midnight Suns tier list guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the best heroes in the game and discuss why they’re so powerful.

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, this guide will help you make the most of your hero roster and dominate the battlefield. Before you continue, remember that we also have a beginners guide to Midnight Suns that you can check out. With that out of the way, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the best heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns!

OverpoweredGoodAverageBelow Average
Captain AmericaBladeSpidermanGhost Rider
Iron ManCaptain MarvelThe HulkMagik
The HunterWolverineWanda Maximoff
Nico MinoruDoctor Strange

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hero Tier List: Overpowered heroes

Captain America

Captain America is a great tank—he can take a lot of damage from enemies and can protect allied heroes very well. He is a strong support hero with good damage outputs. Captain America’s taunt ability is very useful for drawing attacks away from other heroes and onto himself, which is very useful for protecting allies.

Captain America is a great hero for those who want someone who can both soak up a lot of damage and dish out a lot of damage in return.

Iron Man

Iron Man is a brilliant inventor and superhero with a suit of armour that grants him enhanced strength, speed, and durability. He uses his powers to fight against evil and protect the people he cares about. Iron Man is a solid all-around hero in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

He’s got some incredible moves that can take out several enemies at once, and he’s also got a bunch of skills that can help out the rest of your squad. His Redraw passive is also pretty sweet – it gives you more chances to find the cards you want to play, and it also makes his abilities even more deadly. Basically, if you’re looking for a hero who can do a little bit of everything and do them really well, Iron Man is your guy.

The Hunter

The Hunter is a great example of a flexible hero. He can do a lot of different things to help the team—he can deal damage, heal, and provide support capabilities.

The Hunter is a good hero for those who like being flexible and adaptable. He can fit into any team and can be a good support hero or someone who just focuses on dealing a lot of damage. He has great versatility and utility.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hero Tier List: Good heroes


Blade is a half-human, half-vampire warrior who uses his powers to fight against vampires and other supernatural threats. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and wields a variety of weapons, including his signature sword. Blade is a great hero because of how effective his abilities are at dealing damage.

The Bleed status that he can apply to his targets is very useful for dealing extra damage to them. However, the Bleed status trigger can be tricky at times—it can be hard to rely on it when you need it. You’ll therefore often need to be able to deal quick damage in combat when using him

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a powerful superhero with the ability to fly and project energy blasts. She is also able to manipulate her molecular structure, allowing her to change her appearance and take on a variety of different forms. Captain Marvel is a great damage dealer due to her unique ability to double damage output after using the “Go Binary” card.

She can do a lot of damage in her binary state, but she also needs to be careful because she will lose her binary state once her block reaches zero. Captain Marvel can be a great asset during combat due to how she can help the team deal damage while also providing support capabilities to other heroes with her blocking abilities.


Wolverine is arguably the most resilient hero in Midnight Suns. His abilities allow him to self-heal and self-revive, which is essential for surviving the high-difficulty battles in this game.

Wolverine is a perfect option for tough missions, because he can keep himself alive even when the odds are stacked against him. He is also a great damage-dealer because his abilities hit multiple targets.


Spider-man is a great hero when you need to deal with multiple enemies at once. He can do this by chaining together a variety of abilities that hit several foes.

His abilities can deal a lot of damage on their own, but they are also very effective at making an enemy vulnerable to follow-up damage from other heroes.

Nico Minoru

Nico is a great support hero because she focuses on randomness—this can provide a lot of unpredictability for the player, but it can also be very effective when the odds are in their favor. Nico is a good support hero for those who like risk.

Her abilities are very powerful, but they are also random—the player will need to take a chance when using Nico to see if they can hit a big payoff. Nico is a risky hero, but she can be effective for those who are able to take risks and deal with the outcome.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hero Tier List: Average heroes

The Hulk

Hulk is a great example of a high-risk, high-reward hero. His abilities are very powerful, but they are very expensive in terms of Heroism. If the player can manage his Heroism carefully, he will be able to do tremendous damage to enemies—and the player will be able to enjoy a huge power boost.

Hulk is a risky hero, but he is very effective in the right hands. Pairing him with a strong support hero like Doctor Strange or Nico is good idea.

Wanda Maximoff

Scarlet Witch as she is otherwise known as, is a versatile support hero for Midnight Suns. She has great AOE damage and effects, which make her ideal for dealing with large groups of enemies. She is also a great support hero for the player because she can buff her allies and provide cover from enemy attacks.

Scarlet Witch is great for dealing with large groups of enemies and supporting her teammates, but she can’t do everything on her own—so make sure to pair her up with strong single-target attackers like Captain America and Captain Marvel.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a versatile support hero who can buff his allies and provide them with extra Heroism. He is also a great healer. Doctor Strange is one of the best support heroes in the game, but he requires a lot of skill to use to his full potential. When he is played well, he can keep the team alive, but when used poorly will only waste Heroism and leave allies vulnerable.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hero Tier List: Below average heroes

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is a lot of fun to use in Midnight Suns. He has great damaging attacks and his abilities are very powerful—especially his Hell Ride ability. However, this ability can be very frustrating because it will discard your entire hand and cause you to lose a lot of health.

This means that Ghost Rider is very powerful, but you have to be careful when using him. Ghost Rider is really good at putting pressure on enemies and dealing out a lot of damage, but if you’re not careful, this can be very risky.


Majik is a great support hero in Midnight Suns. She has a lot of movement options and her teleport ability is very useful in combat. However, her main attack abilities are lacking. She doesn’t seem to have any real offensive ability, and her main ability-her teleport ability-often just ends up being used as a utility instead of an attack.

She’s still a great character for those who like to play support roles, but those who are looking for a strong damage-dealing character will probably want to choose someone else.

What are your thoughts on our Hero Tier List of Marvel’s Midnight Suns? Let us know in the comments below!

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