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Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide

Here's how you can build your dream team with the updated tools of Ultimate team

Madden NFL 23 looks like an easy game, but it can get very confusing and frustrating to players who are just getting started with the series. Not knowing where to start or what to do, can land players in a situation of rage. But, Madden NFL 23’s Ultimate Team tool guide is designed to help beginners get started in the game without facing many difficulties.

The Ultimate Team is a tool for players to build the team of their dreams and watch it destroy the opponents in the league. The added functionality and the new MUT are definitely going to keep the users glued to the screen.

Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team: Overview

The Ultimate Team is an online game mode in the NFL series, which was first introduced in NFL 10. The aim of the Ultimate Team is to let players build a team that they dream of and compete with other players online. 

Image via EA

Players can stack up cards in order to form a team with the highest overall rating (OVR) and then compete against other players. These cards can be earned via in-game rewards or can also be brought via micro-transactions. 

Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team: First Season

The first season of Madden NFL 23 is dedicated to celebrating the Greatest of All Time and is called “All-Madden”  with Headliners, Legends, Team Captains, Team Affinity and Campus Heroes. The Field Pass for Season 1 also adds bundle packs, team uniforms and upto 60 free rewards with exclusive players like 85 OVR Zach Cunningham, 87 OVR CeeDee Lamb, 89 OVR Stephon Gilmore, and a rare 91 OVR Dave “The Ghost” Casper. 

Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team Season 1
Image via EA

Players can earn these rewards, by just scoring a touchdown via rushing or passing. This will easily get a few 80+OVR players and some decent headliners. Since everyone knows how to play the basics of the game and earn some players, it is the latter part of the game, that needs some strategy. After this context, one won’t have to spend any money on microtransactions and still win rewards with just the help of the field pass. 

The first season lasts for 60 days and gives players a chance to win over 140000 coins. Players can keep earning coins by doing their daily missions. Although they seem useless, they can be easily completed, upon which players get random strategy items and a Daily Coin Quicksell. Players can also stack up daily objectives over time to unlock additional season XP which is 25000 for 10 days and 45000 XP for 30 days.

Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team: Packs, Challengers and rewards

Players can look at the variety of packs available on the Ultimate Team menu, these packs can be earned via in-game coins or even real money. An easy way to get these packs is by completing missions and levelling up on the field pass.

Players get heavy in-game coin rewards when they complete Team Captain’s challenges or team affinity challenges. If players manage to grind effectively, their 60 OVR team will turn into an 80 OVR team within a few weeks, as they achieve more milestones, perform better and most importantly unlock new players. 

Players can unlock additional XP and rewards by completing the Headliners’ challenges. Sometimes these headliner challenges have rewards like the 86 OVR headliners fantasy packs and the rare Derrick Brown

Madden Ultimate Team 2022 Packs
Image via EA

Along with this, players can also go to the Auction house to bid, purchase and sell players. It is a pure number game and if players don’t know what they’re doing, they might end up losing a lot of money. Players like Jalen Hurts with 89 OVR go for as much as 550000 coins. But, players can always buy low and sell high to make money at the end of the day to build their dream team.

Apart from this, playing solo battles, H2H and MUT Champions will get enough XP for players to progress towards new rewards like Competitive Points (CP), which are used to level up, earn additional XP and coins.

If you are starting the game new, don’t forget to check our top 5 tips and most importantly the list of best playbooks.

Hope this Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide will be useful for you to understand the basics.

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