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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE guide: How and when to re-reroll

Re-roll as much as you want untill you get your desired Nikke

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is the latest grossing sci-fi RPG shooter game. The game follows the gacha style, and you will have to gather up your own anime girl squad with the 62 different Nikkes available in the game. Nikkes are the humanoids who are made to assist humanity in the war against Ruptures in a post-apocalyptic world. In this article, we’ll discuss how to reroll in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE to get the best character of your choice.

How to re-roll in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

You can re-roll in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE by following some simple steps:

  • Log-in to Goddess of Victory: NIKKE and enter the main lobby.
  • Click on the four square icons in the top right corner.
goddess of victory nikke lobby
Image via Shift Up
  • Click on Account.
  • Click log-out and you will be taken to the opening screen.
  • Select a server and wait for the loading to complete.
  • After loading is completed and the screen shows “Touch to Continue”, don’t touch the screen. Click the log-out button on the left side of your screen and the game will restart.
goddess of victory nikke continue screen
Image via Shift Up
  • Select a server again.
  • From the Sign In screen, click on Create Account.
  • Use salted emails.
    Example: if your real email is use,,, and keep using a new email every time you re-roll.
  • Verify your email address. The mail will be sent to your real email, in this case.
  • Log in to the game.
  • Complete Chapter Zero, then claim pre-registration rewards which will give you 10 pulls.
  • Complete Chapter One, then claim the tutorial pull which will give you one guaranteed SSR from the Elysion, Tetra and Missilis manufacturers.
  • Complete the team-building tutorial and claim the launch login rewards.
  • Redeem and claim more gems with the CD key codes here.
  • Head to the recruit page and you will get some more pulls, complete the pulls and finish recruiting.
goddess of victory nikke pull
Image via Shift Up
  • If you are satisfied then save your game progress by logging in with Google, Facebook or any other available app. If you are not satisfied, then repeat starting from the first step again for another re-reroll.

When to re-roll in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

When you start the game and finish the almost twenty-minute-long tutorial, you will be given some Nikkes to begin with, which will mostly be random. Each 62 Nikke in the game has different weapons, classes and burst types. When starting with the game, you might want to build up your 5-man Nikke squad with the best Nikkes that match your style and weapon preference.

goddess of victory nikke characters
Image via Shift Up

If you are unsatisfied with the initial pulls at the start of the game and want to change up your squad with different Nikkes, you can re-roll to try your luck for better Nikkes. If you need suggestions on choosing the Nikkes to re-roll for, check out our Goddess of Victory: NIKKE tier list. To better understand Nikke’s abilities, weapons and class, make sure to read our beginner’s guide, which will help you understand the factors you need to consider for a re-roll. 

We hope our re-roll guide will help you to get your desired Nikke in your squad. If you faced any problems with the process, let us know in the comments below.

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