FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy Matchday 1 Guide: Best Possible Team

The opening of one of the biggest sporting events in history is just around the corner. The players that have been called up to represent their national teams are gearing up on the training ground, whilst managers are taking the final days to touch up on their game plans. Meanwhile, football fans from every corner of the world eagerly wait to see who takes the 2022 World Cup trophy home. The FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy deadline is edging closer as well. Whilst this is an opportunity to fill the gap left by FPL, World Cup Fantasy is certainly not easy. So many different countries combine meaning there is a huge pool of players to choose from and it is quite difficult to pick out those that will perform. Not to worry though, in this FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy guide, we are going to share the best team to build ahead of the Matchday 1 deadline.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy Matchday 1: Goalkeepers

Jordan Pickford (England) – 5.5 million

Pickford was one of England’s star players in the last major tournament (Euros 2020). In the run to the final, Pickford helped keep 5 clean sheets in 7 games, conceding just 2 goals in the entire team. In the Euros final, a penalty shootout ensued and Pickford managed to save an impressive 2 penalties. Whilst England’s backup keeper options (Nick Pope and Aaron Ramsdale) have been in better form for club this season, the manager has shown his trust in Pickford, so the Everton man is likely to start for now.

Sergio Rochet (Uruguay) – 4.0 million

Rochet looks like a solid budget-keeper option for this tournament. He has started 8 out of the last 9 games for Uruguay and has kept a clean sheet in 6 of those games. It’s nice to have a cheap goalkeeper on the bench to release funds for the rest of the team, but one that can actually start as well can be helpful.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy Matchday 1: Defenders

Denzel Dumfries (Netherlands) – 6 million

Dumfries is the most expensive defender in the game and rightly so. He plays in an advanced RWB position and his attacking output is very impressive, despite being classed as a defender. 5 goals and 4 assists in his last 19 national games speak for themselves. Netherlands’ group does not look too competitive and the Dutch are expected to go through to the next round as well.

Joakim Maehle (Denmark) – 4.5 million

Maehle is a fantastic option to have in World Cup Fantasy. At an affordable price, Maehle offers clean sheets and hefty attacking returns too. During the World Cup qualification rounds, Maehle emerged as his group’s top scorer with 5 goals, which is brilliant coming from a defender. Additionally, Denmark is known for their solid defense, keeping 8 clean sheets in 10 games during the qualifiers. Maehle is too good an option to pass on here.

Kieran Trippier (England) – 5 million

Trippier is on fine form for his club at the moment, with 1 goal and 4 assists in the Premier League this season. He has always been involved with England, and especially considering his league performances, it’s likely he starts in the group stages. Trippier offers both attacking threats, clean sheet returns, and possibly even threat from corners and free-kicks.

Cristian Romero (Argentina) – 5.5 million

Argentina is one of the teams that are expected to go far in this tournament, and have shown how good they can be in past matches. Their defense is especially fantastic, and they have managed to keep a clean sheet in 12 of their last 14 matches. Romero is a reliable way into this Argentina defense and he has the potential to earn consistent points throughout the group stages.

Borna Sosa (Croatia) – 3.5 million

Sosa is one of the best budget picks in the game, offering potential minutes as an LB in the World Cup this year. He has been on great form at the club level, with 8 assists in 13 games, and whilst his spot isn’t nailed, Sosa still offers a chance of a return which is enough at this price point.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy Matchday 1: Midfielders

Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) – 11 million

De Bruyne is pretty much essential for World Cup Fantasy. He is in fine form more Manchester City and will be Belgium’s key creative outlet in this tournament. With 3 goals, 9 assists, and an average of 3.4 key passes per game, it is a risk going past the deadline without Kevin De Bruyne.

Steven Bergwijn (Netherlands) – 7 million

Tactical information is crucial in Fantasy Football and this is an example of that. Bergwijn is listed as a midfielder in the game, but he actually plays in the space along the frontline, almost as a second striker. Bergwijn has proved this helps too, having scored 5 and assisted 1 in his last 6 starts. He is a good, decently-priced midfielder to have on the team.

Leroy Sane (Germany) – 9 million

Germany were heavy hitters during the World Cup qualifiers, hitting the back of the net 36 times – only England could better this tally. Sane contributed to 6 of these goals (4 goals and 2 assists), making it clear that he is a key outlet for Germany in the attack. He offers an assured starting spot and has the potential to contribute both goals and assists, so this is a premium midfielder worth having.

Andreas Skov Olsen (Denmark) – 6 million

Skov Olsen is a wide midfielder who looks likely to start for Denmark, and he has proven his ability already. In the World Cup Qualifiers, Skov Olsen made 10 appearances and tallied 5 goals and 8 assists, becoming the highest-scoring player amongst his teammates. He is kind of like the surprise differential in this team, and a return here could be the difference over the Fantasy competition.

Rodrigo De Paul (Argentina) – 5 million

De Paul is a nailed option for Argentina and is very nicely priced too. Now that midfielders can get points for tackles and key passes, De Paul could chip in nicely since his role is based around keeping the midfield ticking. Having a midfielder like De Paul releases funds for the big guns as well, so this is a nice option to have on the team.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy Matchday 1: Forwards

Lionel Messi (Argentina) – 10.5 million

Does he need an introduction? Messi is having another stellar campaign with PSG, tallying 7 goals and 10 assists in 13 league games. His form for the country is also as good, including 11 goals and 3 assists from just 7 games. The stage looks set for Messi to light up the global stage one more time.

Kylian Mbappe (France) – 11.5 million

Just over 5 years ago, Mbappe was dubbed as one of the future world-beaters and here we are now. The Frenchman is the most expensive player in World Cup Fantasy and it makes sense why. With 11 goals and 5 assists in just 10 games for France, Mbappe is another no-brainer pick ahead of Matchday 1.

Andrej Kramaric (Croatia)- 6 million

Kramaric made an appearance in 9 out of 10 of Croatia’s World Cup qualifiers, and he finished with a respectable 2 goals and 3 assists. There is a slight risk in minutes considering the number of forwards Croatia could use but Kramaric offers a good threat when he plays and he helps release funds for the rest of the team.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy Matchday 1 Guide: Best Possible Team

For Matchday 1, Lionel Messi is an ideal captain choice. Argentina face Saudi Arabia in their first match, a country ranked 51st in the FIFA nation rankings – only 1 other country ranks lower (Ghana). Messi could deal damage here, but if he somehow doesn’t, Kevin De Bruyne against Canada or Kylian Mbappe against Australia are both good alternatives to consider or even switch to between Matchdays.

That’s it for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy Team for matchday1. Did you find our guide on best players for the best Fantasy Team in FIFA World Cup 2022 useful? Let us know in the comments.

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