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Eversoul team building guide: Best types and formations for winning more battles

Build the strongest team

Eversoul is the latest idle RPG by Kakao Games, recently released for Android and iOS platforms. The game features several characters who are termed as Souls in the game. These characters need to be placed into formations before starting battles. There are unique formations and team compositions available in the game, and each team composition provides the team with certain buffs. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide to building the best team in Eversoul with the best team formations. Meanwhile, if you are new to the game, make sure to check our beginner’s guide, reroll guide and tier list for Eversoul.

Eversoul: Factions and faction bonuses

There are six factions available in the game right now. They are:

  • Humanlike
  • Beast
  • Fairy
  • Undead
  • Angel
  • Demon
eversoul soul types
Image via Kakao Games

There are several faction bonuses available in the game. Faction bonuses are the buffs that are enabled and granted to the whole team due to a combination of certain characters. The faction bonuses are all explained below.

  • Add X5 units from the same faction: +25% ATK and +25% HP
  • Add X5 units; each from a different faction: +10% ATK and +10% HP
  • Add X4 units from the same faction: +20% ATK and +20% HP
  • Add X3 units from the same faction: +10% ATK and +10% HP
  • Add X3 units from the same faction and X2 from a different faction: +15% ATK and +15% HP

Demon faction, however, provides different kinds of bonuses. At launch, there are only two types of Demon characters available. So the chance of using these bonuses is very narrow right now. However, the developer will surely release more Demon characters in the game, making it possible for the players to use all the Demon combination bonuses. Here are all the Demon faction bonuses available in Eversoul right now:

  • 1x Demon: +15% ATK
  • 2x Demon: +15% ATK, +10% Crit Rate
  • 3x Demon: +15% ATK, +10% Crit Rate, +20% Crit DMG
  • 4x Demon: +20% ATK, +15% Crit Rate, +25% Crit DMG
  • 5x Demon: +25% ATK, +20% Crit Rate, +30% Crit DMG

List of all the available formations available in Eversoul

At this time in Eversoul, players can select from one of four different formations. If a unit is in the front line or the rear line of your team, it will get distinct buffs from each formation. These buffs are determined by where the unit is located on your team. These boosts stack with buffs of the corresponding kind.

eversoul formation
Image via Kakao Games

1. Basic formation

  • 2 front-line: DEF +9%, HP +9%
  • 3 back-line: ATK +6%

2. Defensive formation

  • 3 front-line: DEF +6%, HP +6%
  • 2 back-line: ATK +9%

3. Ranged formation

  • 1 front-line: DEF +16%, HP +16%
  • 4 back-line: ATK +4%

4. Assault formation

  • 4 front-line: DEF +4%, HP +4%
  • 1 back-line: ATK +16%

What are your thoughts on our guide for building the best team in Eversoul? Let us know in the comments below!

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