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Epic Games Korea reveals Unreal Summit Online 2022

4-days long event

Epic Games Korea revealed the full schedule and other details of the upcoming “Unreal Summit Online 2022,” which will take place online from September 27 to 30. A total of 20 sessions will be held in Unreal Summit Online 2022, with Common on September 27th, Games on September 28th, Movies, TV & Animation on September 29th, and Architecture & Automobile on September 30th.

Day 1 Agenda

Sessions on subjects relevant to several sectors are held on the first day. The CEO of Epic Games Korea, Park Seong-cheol, will begin the event with a welcoming address and then discuss developments and breakthroughs in content production techniques using the Unreal Engine across all industries and the Epic Games ecosystem.

It will also include some of Epic’s key Unreal Engine 5 technologies, such as “Utilizing 200% of the Chaos Physics Engine,” “Creating Broken Background Props with Modeling Mode and Fracture Mode,” and “Creating Fully Flexible Gameplay: UE5 Modular Gameplay.”

Day 2 Agenda

Nexon Games will give a demo gameplay of “The First Descendant” utilising Unreal Engine during the gaming session on day two. Under the title “Kartrider: Drift: Optimized Drive for Multi-platform,” Nitro Studio will also discuss scenarios involving the construction of a pleasurable cross-play environment on several platforms, including PC, mobile, and console.

Kart rider drift
Image via NEXON

Under the heading of “Art Direction and Pipeline of RP7,” independent developer Turtle Cream will offer advice for small development teams on creating assets in a toy-like style. Additionally, sessions on “UE5 Mobile Rendering Update” and “Crowd Animation: Easy to Follow with the City Sample Plugin” that were previously announced by Epic Games will be available.

Day 3 Agenda

There will be sessions on television, animation, and film. Under the title of “Netflix VP Open House in Korea: Successful Virtual Production Content Creation and Unreal Engine,” Westworld will demonstrate how to produce products of the highest calibre quickly.

Giant Staff to offer advice for developing believable characters based on their expertise in the manufacture of artificial humans, including the recent instance of “SORI.” The “Virtual Production TV & Live Event Application Instances” lectures from Vive Studios will be based on actual cases like KBS’s “Kiss the Universe” and “2020 MAMA,” which were both created with Unreal Engine.

Day 4 Agenda

Lectures on architecture and autos will be conducted on the fourth and final day. Various examples of digital twin construction using Unreal Engine will be presented, with an emphasis on the subject of architecture. The digital twin produced for management and the Seoul Institute of Technology’s description of the procedure for building a digital twin for “Cesium Unreal Engine integration using Seoul spatial information platform S-Map data” will be presented.

Additionally, there will be lectures on the “Epic Ecosystem Supporting Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry,” “Pipeline that automatically generates BIM data into XR content and augmented human operation experience at construction sites,” and “Realization of vehicle exterior mirrors and digital side mirrors using real-time ray tracing.”

How to attend Unreal Summit Online 2022

Anyone interested in attending Unreal Summit Online 2022 can pre-register for free at the Epic Lounge website and log in at the appropriate lecture time. On a computer or mobile device, you can view every lecture.

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