Developer’s sudden shift to anti-NFT talk during Brazil’s International Games Festival infuriates Crypto, NFT, and Blockchain sponsors 

The developer of Chroma Squad wins over the Internet.

Mark Venturelli is one of the developers behind a neat little game called Chroma Squad, basically a strategy RPG fighter with Power Rangers or well the unlicensed version of them available on consoles and PC. The developer from Behold Studios was about to give a speech on The Future Of Game Design. Until he suddenly shifted to a more controversial topic

Even if you aren’t well versed in Portuguese, there are English slides of what he said here. The exact moment that Mark makes the transition is quite obvious, as he holds no punches and goes after all the objective issues with NFTs.

Mark Venturelli Youtube
Image via Mark Venturelli Youtube Channel

How they aren’t good for the environment, the improper way they’re being implemented in games that will be no better than salt mines and sweatshops, and how the main reason we have games is to enjoy and relax, not grind for .jpg files. 

BIG refused to censor the speaker despite the pushback from sponsors

Here’s something cooler though. Mark had taken express permission from the organizers and they had cleared him for this. According to PC Gamer, who interviewed him after the event during which Venturelli said, “These people are outsiders here, they’re not important.” “They’re just trying to buy their relevance because they have no actual influence over the future of our industry. If you just give them this space uncontested, you’re just giving them exactly what they want, and buying their narrative that they’re relevant.”

Certain sponsors dealing with crypto, NFT, and blockchain-based games and even some audience members didn’t really like Mark’s new topic all that much and there even were attempts on their side to shut down his talk, a move that Brazil’s International Games Festival’s organizers didn’t allow.

It’s quite interesting to hear the opinion of someone who’s had quite a bit of experience and has done their research. It seems like with every passing day, these technologies are getting more and more heat as people seem to realize how the concepts they’re based on present major faults. 

What are your thoughts on the anti-NFT comments made by Mark? Do hit us up in the comments section with your thoughts!

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