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6 Controversial esports moments that you should know

Things that none talks about!

All types of people are attracted to esports considering its a part of gaming. The excitement of strategy, players’ skills, and thrilling action make esports games irresistible. However, the overwhelming desire to win prompts some players to resort to unacceptable behavior.

1. Collusion and Disqualification

In 2012, the Major League Championship of League of Legends Finals featured two of the most exciting teams, Dignitas and Curse. Fans were disappointed to find the teams’ randomly selected characters staged an amateurish mass brawl.

Witnesses reported the teams planned before the bout to share the $40,000 prize for first place irrespective of which team won. Both teams were immediately disqualified and their prize money shared amongst other teams. Riot Games also confiscated their Circuit Points for the next season.

league of legends worlds viewing party
Image via Riot Games

2. Poor gaming health

Blizzard Entertainment released World of Warcraft in 2004. Although visually appealing with fascinating characters, the game could never end. Psychologists claimed 40% of WoW gamers were seriously addicted. Physical problems such as lack of sleep, aching bones and malnutrition began to manifest themselves as the game replaced real life. There were reports of players suffering fatal blood clots through sitting motionless for hours on end.

3. In-game monstisation

In 2017, Starwars Battlefront II ran into controversy when the developers were accused of introducing a form of online gambling into the game. Players could purchase loot boxes, but the items inside were purely random, regardless of the cost. In effect, players were gambling on what the loot boxes contained to further their prospects in the game. The feature was removed just hours before the official launch.

4. Insensitive material

Grand Theft Auto III had the misfortune to be due for release at the same time as the tragic events of 9/11. Rockstar, the game’s developers didn’t want any insensitive comparisons to be drawn through characters who caused havoc in a city. Alterations included changing the color of cop car lights, airplane flight paths and removing terrorist references. Once the game finally launched, it became a favorite.

GTA 3, Grand Theft Auto III
Image via Rockstar Games

5. Rules chaos

At the World Cyber Games of 2011, chaotic rule interpretation resulted in accusations of cheating for Joshua ‘Jatt’ Leesman. Competitors disapproved of the event’s officials allowing him to play for Canada before immediately switching to an American team during the same tournament. Jatt was also suspected of pausing the game to reveal the positions of his team’s opponents.

6. Account misuse

During a recent Astral Clash event, Mars Axa of the all-female Fallacy team, was suspected of allowing another player to take her place during a crucial match. Nate ‘Payen’ Lopez, an accomplished professional and boyfriend of Mars Axa, was believed to hit the decisive moves that won the match. Players should rely on enhancements found in the Tenz crosshair Valorant guide here to improve their playing style. There is no glory in a victory gained through dishonest tactics.

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