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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrades guide

Unlocks at level 45

Field Upgrades are crucial tools that provide a variety of strategic benefits at COD Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Throughout the match, they charge over time, with some charging faster than others depending on their utility and power. At Rank 45, you’ll be able to equip two Field Upgrades, each with a slow recharge rate. In this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrades guide we’ll list down all the available ones and the basic tips that can be useful for you to understand how they work.

COD Modern Warfare 2 list of Field Upgrades

1. Tactical Camera

A camera that can be controlled remotely and is used to mark enemies. Connect to it directly or leave it alone to emit a warning sound when it detects nearby enemies.

2. Inflatable Decoy

Proximity activated decoy mine with an inflatable decoy. The decoy is quickly deployed after activation to confuse and distract enemy Operators. It can also be activated manually to trick enemies into attacking it on sight.

3. DDoS

A DDoS attack temporarily disables electronics and disrupts enemy sensors in the immediate vicinity. Solid in objective modes, where a plethora of Field Upgrades will be strategically placed around key zones. The Spotter Bonus Perk works well together

4. Deployable Cover

cod modern warfare 2, cod modern warfare 2 field upgrades
Image via Activision

Ballistic cover that is portable and quickly deployable. When you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to hide, this shield could save your life. Excellent for open objectives or when a heavier weapon, such as an LMG, must be mounted for accurate fire.

5. Trophy System

An autonomous defence system that can destroy up to three inbound pieces of equipment or projectiles. Larger targets may necessitate multiple shots. A lifesaver on objectives and in interior spaces where grenades can fly in droves through openings. It can also be mounted on vehicles to act as a deterrent to rockets and other pieces of equipment.

6. Dead Silence

Silences your footsteps temporarily. Kills with a gun, melee, or a throwing knife refresh the duration. A great choice for stealth Loadouts.

7. Munitions Box

Deploy a box containing ammunition and equipment for yourself and your teammates. Ideally used in safe territory to resupply squadmates. In a pinch, however, it is invaluable in any situation where you are out of bullets and equipment.

8. Loadout Drop

cod modern warfare 2, cod modern warfare 2 field upgrades
Image via Activision

Request a limited-use Loadout crate from your team. Each player can only use it once. Ideal for switching Loadouts in the middle of the game, getting an extra Primary Weapon without spending a Basic Perk on Overkill, or simply being nice to Operators. Excellent in ground warfare where operators are expected to live longer lives and switch roles as needed.

9. Portable Radar

Sends out periodic radar pings to detect enemies nearby. Increased utility on smaller maps or in objective game modes where the radar’s limited coverage allows it to track important zones. It works well in conjunction with the Bird’s Eye Ultimate Perk.

10. Tactical Insertion

Selects a location to serve as your next spawn point. A boon on Ground War maps where deployable areas are far from an objective, or on other maps where enemies can be shocked from behind their lines. It should be noted that the Tactical Insertion does not work in one-life modes.

11. Battle Rage

An innovative stimulant that provides an adrenaline rush to Operators. Tactical equipment resists regeneration, and Tactical Sprint is constantly refreshed. Excellent for bold Operators who want to dive headfirst into engagements.

12. Recon Drone

cod modern warfare 2, cod modern warfare 2 field upgrades, cod modern warfare 2 recon drone
Image via Activision

A remote-controlled drone that can mark manually or automatically. Another excellent resource for communicative Operators. Try attaching a C4 to this to make a bomb drone.

13. Smoke Airdrop

Request a line of drones to drop a smoke wall at a specific location. Unless they have the ability to see through it, a sniper’s nightmare.

14. Suppression Mine

A trip mine that emits a constant sound wave that disrupts enemy vision and slows their movement when activated. Strong in close proximity to objectives, down long corridors, and in infantry-only modes.

15. Anti-Armor Rounds

Provides weapon ammo that deals bonus damage to armoured targets, such as vehicles, equipment, body armour, and targets hidden behind penetrable cover. Ground Warfare is phenomenal when vehicles roam alongside Operators. Excellent combination with the Spotter Bonus Perk and any mid- to long-range high-caliber weapon, such as a Battle Rifle, LMG, or Sniper Rifle.

What are your thoughts on the new COD Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrades guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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