YouTube is experimenting with more ads per video for free users 

Users might start seeing 5 ads before your video instead of 2 now

YouTube, Google’s popular video streaming platform, is back with their shenanigans and this time around they’re probably going to make another really really bad decision that their users will hate them for. It seems like they’re currently rolling out more ads per ads per video in limited capacity right now. 

Users are reporting how they’re getting five unskippable ads before a YouTube video

Some Reddit and Twitter users have reported how they’re getting five ads at the beginning of a video that they can’t skip instead of the usual two which means that YouTube is still experimenting with this change and hasn’t completely rolled it out. However if they do decide to go with this, it could be quite frustrating for users and very possibly, something that either starts driving people off the platform or makes them shift to premium/ ad-blockers. 

Now ads have always been something users have had issues with since with ads before a video starts, mid roll ads, sponsorships (which honestly aren’t that bad since YouTube’s monetization negatively affects creators too and they have to earn somehow) and a bunch of other tactics. 

Youtube ads
Image via YouTube

Basically, YouTube has been stuffing in ads wherever and whenever that can. However five ads before a video really could be the tipping point. It’s obvious they’re doing this to drive more users to buy the Premium subscription, however it could backfire. Internet forums are already full of tips on how to install and use ad-blockers and modded forms of the application and now, they’re rife with criticism about these moves. 

Now this hasn’t been rolled out globally so they could choose not to implement seeing just how much the community dislikes it. That being said, it’s not exactly ideal to expect anything good from YouTube right now.

What are your thoughts on YouTube implementing quintuple ads before videos? Let us know in the comments below!

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