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Xbox Game Pass family plan launches officially: Find the list of countries and pricing

The service will be available in Ireland and Colombia for now

Xbox has launched a new plan for family and friends. But the service is limited to only Ireland and Colombia for now. The subscription will allow people to share their game pass with four others family and friends. Microsoft has revealed the pricing for only Ireland and Colombia till now and will cost €21.99 and 49,900 COP per month, respectively. Xbox has also released a FAQ on its website about how the service will work. 

Members will be added to the group by the primary account holder

The primary account holder will be responsible for the payments of this subscription and will be the only one who can add the other members to the subscription. All four members added to the subscription will enjoy all the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass benefits, including access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Live, EA Play Membership, exclusive members discounts, and deals.

Each member will use their own account and Xbox profile to save their games and achievements. The plan will allow users to share the cost among all five members, making it a cheaper way to access all the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass benefits.

xbox family and friends
Image via Microsoft

Members will have to live in the same country/region

However, there are some limitations to the plan; Primary subscribers can only share membership with people living in the same country/region. If a group member’s location is changed and no longer matches the primary account holder’s location, the group member will be automatically removed from the group. Finally, a person can only be a member of one group at a time and change groups up to two times per year.

Xbox Game Pass family plan is only available in Ireland and Colombia for now

Microsoft has not yet released the service in other countries except Ireland and Colombia. However, they have told in the FAQ that future countries/regions will be added in the coming months. The tentative price for this subscription in the US region is around $24.99.

xbox gamepass family friends
Image via Microsoft

Microsoft has also revealed in the FAQ that if a primary account holder is an existing Game Pass or Gold subscriber, his plan will convert to the Family and Friends pass, and Microsoft will convert the remaining time according to the following ratio:

Current PlanConverted Plan
30 days Xbox Game Pass Ultimate18 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 days Xbox Game Pass (Console)12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 days PC Game Pass12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 days Xbox Live Gold12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 days EA Play6 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family

What are your thoughts on the new Game Pass plan? Let us know in the comments below.

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