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Why it will take time for mainstream gamers to adapt to blockchain games

What's the future of Blockchain gaming?

While blockchain games have been increasing in popularity and numbers, they still aren’t getting anywhere with mainstream gamers, and that’s actually for good reason. Due to certain issues with blockchain-based games, players aren’t exactly too eager to see NFTs of Cryptocurrencies integrated into their favorite games. 

If blockchain games want to become more mainstream, then it’s important for them to make some changes. And it’s important to know that when it comes to gaming, Blockchain elements usually if not always mean crypto or NFTs. 

Lack of reliability and a flawed image

The first major reason is the lack of reliability. Every cryptocurrency advertises itself in the same way, but so far, we’ve seen way too many pumps and dumps and rug pulls. For most internet users (which also means most gamers), NFTs and Cryptocurrencies have become synonymous with scams.

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NFTs specifically get quite a bit of flak for the whole “artificial scarcity” concept which so far, has been used to pedal rather a low effort.JPGs (welcome to the world of art, where if something makes you wonder why it’s priced so high, the answer might be money laundering). The fact of the matter is that NFTs at present don’t have the best reputation. On top of that, the recent crash of the crypto and stock market along with the same happening to NFTs isn’t going to inspire any confidence, having the opposite impression actually. 

Lack of engaging gameplay elements

Now the second issue we face is the lack of good gameplay accompanying blockchain-based gaming projects. There are not many games that feature crypto and NFT elements that are known for their gameplay. In fact, many of the games we’ve come across in our experience are low-effort titles with less than engaging gameplay.

While there are people out there who’re exclusively playing games to earn and don’t care much for gameplay, they’re such a tiny minority. Most gamers out there want to play games that their brains are actually interested in, not some poorly designed title with generic 2D visual elements and auto-progression just to collect a bunch of different currencies of NFTs that they’ll sell on the market. If a game like Minecraft featured these elements in an actually clever way, then maybe they have a chance. 

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When you consider the fact that gamers usually poke fun at most cryptocurrencies (especially lesser-known ones that always seem too good to be true), NFTs are a joke to the majority, and that the gameplay is rather lackluster, then it’s obvious why it will take a while before gamers actually adopt blockchain-based games. And even then, the question seems to be changing to “Would mainstream gamers ever adapt to blockchain games?

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