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What does the future hold for The Flash in the DCEU

Will the fans be able to forgive Ezra Miller for his various wrongdoings?

There’s no hiding the fact that Ezra Miller, the actor playing The Flash in the DC Extended Universe has been wrapped around multiple controversies and cases throughout the previous year. Be it their arrests in Hawaii, the accusation of them grooming minors, or physically assaulting people, the list goes on. All of this has led to people not wanting to watch the upcoming Flash movie which is all set to come out on the 23rd of June, 2023. The actor is also known to use they/them pronouns. It has been reported that the executives at Warner Bros. have been discussing with the actor that the future is unpredictable, as they may be even thinking about scrapping the whole movie and replacing the actor.

Ezra Miller and their age-old relation with controversies

Ezra Miller and controversies are going hand-in-hand now for almost more than a year. In the March of 2022, the actor was arrested in Hawaii following a physical altercation with other people in a Karaoke bar and was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment as stated by the police. After 3 weeks, they were again taken into custody for second-degree assault on Leilani Estates.

Several videos have also surfaced, showing him doing potential crimes such as strangling a woman and throwing her onto the ground on the 6th of April, 2020. He has also been charged with burglary allegations and even accusations of grooming minors. The list of controversies surrounding Ezra Miller is so long, that they can’t be summed up in a single article.

Ezra Miller allegations, controversies, The Flash movie
Image via Warner Bros.

Amidst all the allegations and evidence to support it, the actor has come up with an apology video stating that he is sorry for his behaviour and that they are seeking help for their “complex mental health issues.” Many fans don’t believe that this apology is sincere and is just an effort to save his upcoming film. His apology video does not provide much explanation for some of his disturbing crimes such as grooming minors, as there has been no clarification surrounding it, which further tarnishes the image of The Flash actor.

What happened in the meeting with Warner Bros. executives

Many news sites have reported that Ezra Miller and their agent Scott Metzger have been meeting with the new heads at Warner Bros. Pictures Intera, namely Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy. They have been discussing ways to stay on course for The Flash’s original release date and not to postpone any further or scrap the project entirely.

Ezra Miller meeting with Warner Bros. executives
Image via Warner Bros.

The heads of the company asked the actor for reaffirmation towards playing the lead in the project and Miller also seems to have apologized for his actions and the dead weight he has brought along with him to the movie and because of him, the company is not confident in releasing the film as people might boycott it given the ongoing problems the actor has reportedly and continuously wrapped themselves in.

What lies in the future for The Flash

The movie has been screened in front of Warner Bros. executives and some are even comparing the $200 million project to the best comic book trilogy of all time, The Dark Knight. Many fans don’t agree with this statement from the reports, which claim that the movie might be even better than Nolan’s trilogy. So, the question arises as to whether The Flash movie will be released or not in the future. Sadly, there is no direct answer to that question.

The future of The Flash Movie
Image via Warner Bros.

Even though no details have been revealed about the meeting between the Warner Bros. heads, Ezra Miller, and their agents, it is said that the outcome of the meeting is not negative. The heads were considering scrapping the whole project, but the actor vowed to seek help for their issues and clear their name, so that it does not lead to the cancellation of the movie.

Everything depends on whether the audience will be ready to forgive Miller or if he can provide reasonable reasons for his controversial behaviours within less than a year of the movie’s release date. As of now, there have been no official announcements from Warner Bros, as they have neither committed to going ahead with The Flash and releasing it on June 23, 2023, nor they have planned to scrap the whole project yet. All we can do right now is stay alert to find out possible updates surrounding this whole fiasco.

What do you think lies in the future for The Flash movie in the DCEU? Let us know in the comments below!

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