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Turbo Golf Racing Guide: Top 5 Tips and tricks for the beginners

Top tips and tricks for the beginners

Turbo Golf Racing is a vehicular golf racing video game developed by Hugecalf Studios and published by Secret Mode. Over the past few years, games that have an objective attached that needs the user to complete it with a car have taken over the internet. The immense popularity of the Rocket League is an example of this. Hugecalf studio’s Turbo Golf Racing is a similar game where players will play an arcade-style racing game while slamming into oversized golf balls to push them into the final pot before their opponents. In this Turbo Golf Racing guide, we’ll list down some basic tips for the players to get the best out of the game.

Turbo Golf Racing has 8 players at a time going head-to-head against each other to pot the oversized ball before their opponents. The game has extremely well-crafted graphics, a very simple user interface, and a lot of progressions that keep users glued to the game.

Since the game is such an adrenaline hit it is very easy to get distracted or end up getting confused about how to make it work. So, we have compiled 5 of the best tips and tricks that will help you get started and even get better at Turbo Golf Racing.

Beginner tips and tricks for Turbo Golf Racing

5. Speed

Turbo Golf Racing is all about speed, as the name itself suggests, the game has some insanely turbo-powered cars that can be used to put the oversized golf balls in the pot before the opponents. With a boost available for cars, speeding is definitely the very first option to go down to the pot as quickly as possible. But, slowing down at times is also very necessary as lining up to the shot is an important part that decides the trajectory of the ball.

turbo golf racing gameplay
Image via Hugecalf Studios

So choose wisely on the speed and the boost for the best results.

4. Use the reset option

We just talked about how insanely fast these cars can go with the boost available in the game, and with that kind of speed, it is easy to lose control and miss the mark. But, the reset option in the game is an easy and effective way to combat this as players can reset both themselves and the ball by using this option.

Using the reset option at the right time can help you win matches.

3. Use the ball guide

It is very hard to keep track of the trajectory of the ball during the game, given the insane speeds and the adrenaline rush. But the game offers a handy solution for this with the ball guide that shows the trajectory of the ball and where it will go when hit. Since the ball guide works in real-time, players can work out angles and positions to hit the ball which can send the ball in their desired direction.

The ball guide is definitely an effective way to predict trajectory and position to keep ahead of your competitors.

2. Grind hard in Solo mode

The online lobbies of the game have 8 players going against each other, but one of the best features of the game is the solo mode which allows players to practice in a range of courses with varying difficulty. The solo mode can be used to practice the speed, timing, and shot which are the key factors to winning the match. The solo mode also allows players to earn stars which can further be used to unlock cores which provide buffs to hitting the ball from further away or achieving higher boost speeds.

The solo mode definitely gives players a perspective of the game and its mechanics which they can efficiently use in the online lobbies.

1. Make use of the Warp rings

One of the most successful and effective ways to win the game is by making use of the Warp rings. These are huge rings that are scattered across the map with a glowing aura. Upon hitting a warp ring, either the ball or the player or both the player and the ball will be instantly pushed further close to the main pot.

turbo golf racing gameplay
Image via Hugecalf Studios

While this takes a lot of precision to hit one of these warp rings, the previous tips of speed can come in handy in hitting it right. A player who manages to hit the warp rings has far more chances of winning than any other player in the game.

Along with these five most useful tips and tricks, players should also focus on frequently getting boosts and item pickups which will help them in the game.

What are your thoughts on the Turbo Golf Racing beginner tips and tricks? Comment down below!

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