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Train Sim World 3 guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Get the best tips to flawlessly drive around the routes

Train Sim World 3 is the newest game of the Train Sim World series developed by Dovetail Games. The game was released on 6th September 2022 on multiple platforms. The game’s main objective is to travel around different famous routes to perform different challenges with the world-famous trains. The game is now available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One. The game’s features are pretty similar to the series’ previous games. In this Train Sim World 3 beginner’s guide, we’ll discuss the basic things a newbie would need to know to get a headstart.

Train Sim World 3 best beginner tips, tricks, and strategies

1. Visit the Training Center

Players can use the training center to drive and learn all the trains available in the game. Players can operate on different tracks and get familiar with the tracks before carrying out the Route Tasks. The training center also acts as a Tutorial.

train sim world 3 training
Image via Dovetail Games

Players can learn the fundamentals and start with the basic training of driving different locos. Players can also explore the routes on foot to get an idea about the tracks before they travel. The training center also features many online video tutorials for the players to learn the game.

2. Choose and explore routes

There are limited routes available in Train Sim World 3 for players to travel and explore. Each route also has various Route Tasks for the players to complete or find. Players can also get out of their trains and explore the routes on their feet. Choosing and knowing the routes more will help the players have a flawless driving experience in the game.

train sim world 3 routes
Image via Dovetail Games

Each of the routes comes with different difficulty levels and separate trains. So, exploring the routes and posting out rail maps, safety signs, and other things will help the players drive through the routes quickly.

3. Start with quickplay mode

Train Sim World 3 also features a game mode called Quickplay mode for the players who want a quick drive around. The typical Route Tasks of the game can last up to 30mins, depending on the player’s expertise and the task’s difficulty. Players who are still new to the game can use the quickplay mode to learn the basics of the game.

train sim world 3 quickplay mode
Image via Dovetail Games

They can also learn the basics of driving different trains through the quickplay mode. The quickplay mode can come in handy for beginners to understand the game mechanics initially.

4. Create and enjoy scenarios while you travel

Each route includes a selected pre-prepared scenario for the players to enjoy. But the players are not limited to enjoying these scenes only. Scenario Planner lets the players choose the scene that they want to enjoy in their way. With the scenario planner, players can enjoy their favorite routes every time in a different environment.

train sim world 3 scenerios
Image via Dovetail Games

Players can also take their trains off track using the ‘Off The Rails’ feature available in Train Sim World 3. After completing the routes, players can also share their sceneries with the Creators Club.

5. Get creative with the Livery Designer

train sim world 3 livery design
Image via Dovetail Games

The Livery Designer lets the players design their favorite loco in their way. With many designs, patterns, colors, etc., available in the Livery Designer, players can decorate their favorite locos in whatever way they want. Players can also share the designs of their locos with the Creators Club.

What are your thoughts on the beginner guide of Train Sim World 3? Let us know in the comments!

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