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Steam adds a personalised shopping option along with a bunch of new features

The PC marketplace for video games just got even more personalized

Steam received some important updates in which the user’s shopping and browsing experience improved magnificently. They added different options such as highlighting genre, adding new tabs and different informative hubs. As Valve‘s PC gaming platform is growing, so do more games keep getting developed and released one by one, there are a huge number of games right now. This also makes it hard for users to discover new games going through all of that, so the storefront revamp is coming in to help in this matter.

Personalized recommendations and highlights

Valve put a lot of effort this time to make the personalized recommendations and highlights more effective. Now steam will be able to sort everything and show recommendations to the users which they are interested in. If any user tries or uses the steam news hub, it’ll then send the users recommendation based on their gaming activity and searching results.

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Image via Valve

Update in Steam Labs

Valve made some of the new upgrades available for steam for their experimental feature known as “Labs”. The steam users have easy access to discoverable titles and ease-of-use improvements. which is followed by newly added genre hubs, game summaries, effective sorting filters and much more.

Other improvements

Valve is trying to do something new with steam in this year 2022. It’s even working for improving the steam mobile application other than bringing several updates for the core gaming client. There must be a visual change or update in line, as it is focused on gaming so there’s a due to receive a new UI update. Which will make it similar to Steam Deck or The SteamOS.

Valve recently banned steam curator accounts which were scamming the developers of game keys. Even if they banned some of them, they merely got a pinch of them in total. There’s still a lot of this going on and new problems are also arising for the developers regarding this issue. Steam may have got many new updates which made it easier for the users to use but it still has a lot of things to improve.

Steam has been the Valve company’s best project so far. They also have many games in development said by one of their product designers. Maybe we will be able to see some of these games released on steam sooner or later, though it’s hard to say. But updates like these will make it much easier and faster for the users to use steam and get perfect recommendations of games from it.

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