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Splitgate to stop feature developments as 1047 Games plans to focus on new shooter game

Developers are stopping feature update even after having an active community

Splitgate‘s developer 1047 Games recently announced that their free-to-play arena shooter game would stop feature development as the developers will focus on a new AAA title from the same universe. The game will be coming out of beta with the upcoming update on 15 September, which will be Spligate’s last feature update with its infinite battle pass release. The developers are also cancelling their upcoming release of the game on Epic Games.

Players are shocked by the developer’s sudden announcement

1047 Games’ sudden announcement shocked the players as the game had a pretty active community and esports scenario. The free-to-play game was first launched on PC back in 2019 and immediately received massive community support. In 2021, 1047 Games launched the game into more platforms like Playstation and Xbox. The game soon became one of the most famous shooter games in recent times, “Splitgate achieved a level of success that we could not have anticipated and that few indie games are fortunate enough to reach,” said the developers on a Twitter post.

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The game will not be released further on any platforms in the future; the developers have also changed their decision to release the game on Epic Game Store. However, with the bad news, the developers also have some good news for the fans in a FAQ published on their website regarding the future of Splitgate and 1047 Game’s new title.

The future of Splitgate and 1047 Game’s new AAA title

In the FAQ, the developers informed us that the game will still have active servers, and the players can continue playing it online with their friends. In addition, the developers will be supporting the game with bug fixes and minor updates for the players to have a decent experience while playing the game.

The developers added that their decision to end the feature development for Splitgate was for the community, and they think that the community deserves something special and a game “worthy of the fandom“. To do that, the developers will have to focus on the new game rather than updating Splitgate and work to deliver a game in the Spligate universe that no shooter fan can ignore.

The players won’t be able to transfer their Splitgate skin into the new game. However, the developers will surely reward the player’s effort and time for Splitgate. But the rewards are not yet decided and will be discussed further. In addition, the players can keep using splitcoin to attain new in-game items from the game store, which will keep updating. But it is still unconfirmed if the splitcoins will have any value in the developer’s next game.

The developers are yet to announce any information regarding their new game, and the fans will not receive any update on the new game for a while. Instead, the developers will take their time to build the best first-person shooter game.

What do you think about the future of Splitgate? Let us know in the comments below.

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