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Sonic Frontiers Director hints at game with Sonic Adventure style Gameplay

The dream of Sonic Adventure 3 might come true

Sonic Frontiers Director has expressed his desire to develop a Sonic game with a gameplay style more in line with the Sonic Adventure series. While talking to fans on Twitter, Morio Kishimoto, the director of the latest entry in the Sonic series, wrote that he would be interested in creating a game where Sonic would have abilities inspired by Sonic Adventure games.

Sonic Frontiers’ Sequel Might not have Boost Mechanic

Recently released Sonic Frontiers is the latest entry in the long-running Sonic series. It was very well received, which is rare for 3-D Sonic games. It has also become the best-selling entry in the last two decades. Series producer Takashi Iizuka already said that Sonic Frontiers would serve as the basis for the next 10 years of the franchise.

Sonic Adventure 2 ,Sonic Frontiers
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While interacting with the fans and answering a question from a fan regarding the boost mechanic in Sonic Frontiers, game director Morio Kishimoto replied “When I started working on this game, I thought a lot about whether or not it would be possible, and decided to hire Boost. I’m still thinking of trying a Sonic game that doesn’t use boosts in my next game.”

So, we can expect some experiments moving forward in the series. In reply to a fan’s question about the use of Spin dash and Boost in the same game Kishimoto said that he would like to experiment with these mechanics but , would also like to design levels without boost like Adventure series.

The Adventure games from the early 2000s, offered free range movement and no boost button, allowing for more open level design compared to the rather linear levels seen in the boost games. The other 3-D Sonic Games since Sonic Unleashed have had a boost button where, after pressing the boost button Sonic boosts to his maximum speed.

Sonic Frontiers was developed by Team Sonic and published by Sega on 8 November 2022. It is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

What are your thoughts on Sonic Frontiers and the next Sonic Game? Let us know in the comments below!

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