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Smashing Star guide: Top 5 best decks for beginners

Fight in Star Arena with the best deck

Smashing star is a new 1v1 turn-based RPG game newly released on mobile platforms. It is a combat-Strategy catapult game developed by Avalon Games Co. Ltd.Players here fight in a battle arena with a team of four heroes on a round-wise basis. A battle is won by finishing the opponent’s HP or by being the first to mark 66% of the arena with graffiti. The faster the player acts, the faster the character reaches the action bar. The game is played with a deck of 4 characters selected from the available cards of heroes from the Card collection. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 best decks for beginners in Smashing Star. However, if you are still new to the game, make sure to check our beginner’s guide for Smashing star.

How to build the best deck in Smashing Star

In order to build a balanced deck, gamers should add characters from all fields; characters who specialize in defense, characters who specialize in attack, and characters who specialize in support. Besides, one can also set deck formation as attacking or defensive. Gamers can make three separate Decks in different formations with the same or different characters. And, of course, players can change up the decks before each battle.

smashing star,smashing star deck
Image via Avalon Games Co. Ltd.

Players have to build their ideal deck keeping in mind the attributes of the characters in the game, which are namely-

  1. ATK
  2. Action speed 
  3. Size
  4. Hp
  5. Regen Sped

Use the sort option to arrange the card in orders that help you navigate through them and find your best combination. Orders are sorted –

  • By level
  • By Rarity 
  • By action speed

You could also take ideas from the Recommended decks by the game or directly use them. Recommended formation styles-

  • Standard
  • Line
  • Bottom
  • All-out
  • Right-wing
  • Left-wing

Top 5 best decks in Smashing Star for beginners

Deck 1

At the very start of the game, beginners are given four characters for battling, which in itself is a decent deck.

  • Cannon Wanderer
  • Spear Wanderer
  • Valkyrie
  • Terror turtle

Deck 2

  • Cannon Wanderer
  • Highland Vanguard
  • Terror Turtle
  • Champ Boxer

Deck 3

  • Champ Boxer
  • Flying Blader
  • Cannon Wanderer
  • Gulamon
smashing star gameplay,smashing star beginners guide
Image via Avalon Games Co. Ltd.

Deck 4

  • Phantom priest
  • Cannon Wanderer
  • Terror Turtle
  • Gulamon

Deck 5

  • Spear Wanderer
  • Champ Boxer
  • Mech Master
  • Cannon Wanderer

What are your thoughts on our list of the top 5 best decks in Smashing Star? Let us know in the comments below!

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