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Rumbleverse is reportedly shutting-down at the end of February

Looks like Rumbleverse has been Knocked Out.

Looks like another live-service game will be forgotten and shut down in the highly competitive and ever-growing market of free-to-play live-service games. According to industry insider Tom Henderson, Epic Games’ free-to-play, battle royale title Rumbleverse will shut down its servers at the end of the next month.

Rumbleverse was released only six months ago in August 2022 by Epic Games with a unique spin on the battle royale formula by excluding firearms and focusing on melee combat.

Rumbleverse was rated for Nintendo Switch recently

Rumbleverse is developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Epic Games. Iron Galaxy have previously developed Killer Instinct and Extinction, they have also helped port game like Fortnite, and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to consoles.

Earlier this month, a report suggested that the game might be heading to the Nintendo Switch as its Switch version was rated in Taiwan. But, if Tom Henderson is correct then the plans to release the game on Nintendo’s handheld might have been shelved.

Rumbleverse is a battle royale game in which 40 players are dropped into Grapital City or Low key key and they must fight against each other to be the last survivor. Players do not have access to any gun or firearm. Players have several melee attacks, including punches, kicks, and elbow drops. Other players must block or dodge the incoming attacks to survive.

The players can also get certain weapons such as baseball bats and chairs through the course of the match to use against their opponents. The use of several traversal mechanics is also encouraged to climb buildings and get an advantage over the opponent. The game can be played solo or in teams of up to three members.

There has been no confirmation of the shutdown by Epic Games, as of now. Rumbleverse is currently available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC through Epic Games Store.

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