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Reasons why Counter Strike Global Offensive is so popular

Plenty of things to know

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive has been an esports favorite for more than a decade. It has become a timeless classic with a dedicated fan base that continues to grow. More than eleven million players join in the non-stop action every month. One single match such as the Grand Finals featuring FaZe and G2 drew an audience of more than 1.1 million. Wherever they are, players and viewers alike regularly check out the latest CSGO live score at 1337Pro. Here are a few reasons why CSGO is still so popular.

1. Simplified Theme

The objectives of CSGO take seconds to understand. A team of terrorists inflicts havoc as they try to plant explosives. An opposing team’s mission is to stop them. The characters and weaponry are realistic, whereas many rival games such as League of Legends are based on supernatural monsters. The infinite variations within CSGO provides the challenges every esports player needs for a satisfying game. There’s never a dull moment in CSGO, regardless of a player’s skill level.

2. Skill Match

CSGO has built a database of more than twenty-four million players. The skill range is vast, accommodating all types of amateur and professional players. With practice, a CSGO newcomer can rise through the ranks to join an elite bunch of players. The skill match feature ensures a favorably balanced match for both parties rather than a one-sided onslaught. It offers more potential for developing strategy and enjoying top grade fun.

3. Free to Play

CSGO’s popularity soared in 2018 when it became free to play. A main attraction is that weapons are freely available to all players. Valve, the game’s developers have ensured players have equal chances in combat. Paying for a coveted skin to add to a weapon only enhances its appearance and never its performance.

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4. Variety of Maps

There are now around twenty-seven maps to choose from in CSGO. The variety of terrain across the range provides players with elements that increase the game’s strategic ambushes. To add unpredictability, a selection of just seven randomly chosen maps are available to a player at any time, increasing the suspense and enjoyment.

5. Authentic Experience

CSGO has a formidable catalog of weapons. They include sub-machine guns such as a Bizon, and heavy-duty shotguns like the MAG-7. Factored into each weapon is recoil action that recreates the effect of using a real life weapon. However, recoil can be customized to suit a player’s personal preference giving each game a unique experience during combat.

6. Playing modes

There are nine playing modes in CSGO that can be played both on and offline. They include Danger Zone, a Battle Royale for eighteen players, and Wingman that has sixteen rounds to play. There is also a single player mode and Weapons Course, a practice mode with tips to improve play and strategy.

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