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Primitive Era 10000 BC free redeem codes (latest)

Redeem and claim free rewards

The strategy video game Primitive Era 10000 BC allows players to create their own civilisation from the ground up in an otherwise desolate region. The game has singular collections of features and routes, both of which contribute to the overall increase in the game’s level of intrigue. Immediately after the debut of each game, the players are given a set of redemption codes to use in the game. This makes it possible for the gamers to redeem some of the most valuable gifts as they embark on their new quest.

primitive era inventory
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Primitive Era 10000 BC active redeem codes

Here is a list of all the active redeem codes in Primitive Era 10000 BC:

  • MERRYCHRISTMAS2022: Players will receive 1000 Rubies, 1 Magic Potion IV, 1 3 Hour Speedup, 3 1 Hour speedup, and 10  5 minutes speedup.
  • J90MJVIOAJL7B2YH: Players will receive 10 Magic Potion II, 1x 1 Hour speedup.
  • 1Zgac7EPlop125mt: Players will receive 100 Rubies, 10,000 Food, 10,000 Wood, 2,000 Pelt

How to redeem free codes in Primitive Era 10000 BC

Follow up the steps and thus redeem the rewards from the free redeem codes. 

primitive era redeem center
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  1. Tap on the Chief Info icon.
  2. Press the Setting options.
  3. Search for the Gift Code option and then tap on it. 
  4. Enter redeem codes and claim the rewards.

How to get free redeem codes in Primitive Era 10000 BC

Every video game developer puts out a number of restricted sets of redemption codes that are only valid for a certain amount of time. Most players are informed about these codes through the social media accounts associated with the game and the official website for the game. The players are responsible for maintaining a watchful eye on these handles in order to learn about the redeem codes and to be able to utilize and redeem the prizes.

What are your thoughts on the redeem codes of Primitive Era 10000 BC? Let us know in the comments below!

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