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Pokemon UNITE might add Pick and Ban phase for ranked games as suggested by leaks

Leaks suggest a major addition to the game

Leaks posted by several data miners and content creators suggest that Pokemon UNITE will add the Pick and Ban feature in the game very soon. The Pick and Ban system is a competitive method of drafting heroes in MOBA games. This drafting method is already being used in other MOBA games League of Legends, Smite, and a few more. A lot of leaks regarding the addition of this feature in Pokemon UNITE are being circulated online, but there has been no official confirmation from The Pokemon Company as of now.

Pick and Ban will bring a variety in Pokemon UNITE

The first leak regarding the Pick and Ban was posted by ElChicoEeve on Twitter. According to the leak, the feature will be available for the players once they reach Master rank. The main purpose of Pick and Ban is to diversify the hero pool of a player and not rely only on a singular or few Pokemon they specialize in. This system will also make the players learn new Pokemon for certain cases when their main Pokemon gets banned.

Pick and ban is a major part of MOBA games

As seen in Mobile Legends, the drafting process has two main stages. In the Ban Phase, teams ban comparatively stronger Pokemon or the Pokemon that they find hard to defend. Both teams will get the chance to ban a specific number of Pokemon. On the other hand, players get to pick their Pokemon in the Pick phase. This stage is very much similar to the currently existing picking method in the game.

In the Ban Phase, most of the teams tend to ban the Pokemon who are comparatively overpowered. This will create more chances for the underrated Pokemon to come into play. Players will also need to learn to play more Pokemons, as they cannot rely on a few Pokemon anymore. Professional teams will also need to change a lot of their strategies regarding the drafting of Pokemon.

Introducing the Pick and Ban feature will also bring a huge change in the tournaments and competitive matches of Pokemon UNITE. Previously, we have seen the meta Pokemon being used in almost all the matches of the tournaments. With the inclusion of the new feature, a wider range of Pokemon can be used in competitive matches.

A lot of leaks have been made regarding the introduction of Pick and Ban in Pokemon UNITE till now. However, these are only data mining information and leaks. None of the leaks are officially confirmed yet. We will have to wait longer for any announcement by the developers about the introduction of the Pick and Ban system in Pokemon UNITE.

What are your thoughts on the possible inclusion of the Pick and Ban system in Pokemon UNITE? Let us know in the comments below!

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