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PlayStation Plus December 2022 games: Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and more

Get ready for a jampacked month

PlayStation Plus is the monthly subscription service offered by Sony, which has three tiers of subscriptions to offer for consumers. Customers of each of the three tiers get three games every month ranging from Indie gems to classics and even newer titles. The offerings of December PlayStation Plus games shine the brightest amidst the whole of 2022 as the games offered in the final month of 2022 are the most exciting and value-for-money games that make the cast of games not just worth it but also considered as star-studded. Sony’s PlayStation Plus is well-equipped to compete with the Xbox Game Pass in the month of December. That’s precisely why we’ve carefully curated a list of games offered in the PS Plus December 2022 selection in this PlayStation Plus December 2022 games article.

PlayStation Plus December 2022 games list

PlayStation Plus offers its subscribers a start-studded list of games in the final month of 2022. The games offered here definitely deserve a playthrough from every PS user and that’s why we’ll briefly discuss all three games offered in 2022 in this PlayStation Plus December 2022 games article.

1. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is easily the most exciting and the most lucrative offering in the whole PS Plus 2022 games list, as this is a collection of an epic space opera spanning over 3 of the best games ever created in gaming history.

All of the games are retouched with love and utmost respect by the talented folks at Bioware. This game definitely deserves a playthrough or even multiple playthroughs.

2. Biomutant

Biomutant is a fine blend of a fable and a post-apocalyptic adventure with a healthy dose of Kung-Fu thrown in the mix. This game features a very likeable protagonist with engaging combat fun and an enthralling narrative with pretty visuals and distinctive music all of which combines of an experience truly to be enjoyed. This one definitely demands a playthrough and helps to elevate the value of the PS Plus subscription/

3. Divine Knockout Founders edition

This third-person platform fighter, which is launching directly into PlayStation Plus, brings a completely fresh perspective to the genre. In a unique third-person perspective, damage foes to make them weak, then knock them out of the arena. Choose from one of ten playable gods to wield Mjolnir as Thor or throw boulders as Hercules.

Then engage in combat in a variety of arenas, each with a unique set of features. Play the three-versus-three Arcade mode with your friends to try out different game styles, or engage in intense one-on-one and two-on-two Duels. All in all this game does have an interesting set-up and does demand a playthrough.

What do you think about PlayStation Plus December 2022 announcements? Let us know in the comment section!

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