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Pentiment background guide: Best past residence, hobby and studies

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Pentiment is the latest entry in the star-studded library of Obsidian Entertainment, and which definitely marks that this game is sure to have some RPG elements as a signature Obsidian Entertainment feature as apparent in our Pentiment review. So, here you’ve got an option to pre-select the background of Andreas, the artist. The protagonist isn’t exactly a blank slate, he does have a personality but his past residence hobby and studies can be determined which will effect the story in some regards so this choice becomes much more impactful and difficult to make. That’s precisely why we’ll explain the best choices in this Pentiment Background guide.

Pentiment: Best past residence

The feature to choose past residence in game is a welcome new addition as this adds character to the future interactions. There are a couple of past residences to choose from and each one has its own merits and demerits. However, as the title suggests there’s a certain choice that makes the further interactions a little more interesting than the other choices.

While all the other options are equally viable Italy seems to bring the most to the table. Italy allows players to dwell into connections based on Italian and the Greek option, which can help in the revelation for several historical texts that would be incomprehensible if not selected.

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Pentiment: Best Hobby to acquire

Obsidian Entertainment also offers a choice to select the hobby of Andreas, this might seem a cosmetic or only for information choice in the game but this is one of the most impactful choices in Pentiment as the hobby a player chooses gives a player a significant advantage in that regard. As every hobby brings something new to the table you’ll probably get a particular hobby if you are looking for a certain advantage.

However, if you’re just looking to get the most effective and useful hobby regardless of the specifics Craftsman might just be the best hobby to get for you as it provides a deeper understanding of art and craft in conversations and also employers treat you with great respect.

Pentiment: Best studies to choose

The study choice in the game is perhaps the most effective choice and that also makes it the most important and interesting. All three study choices offered here are well thought out and viable as each one does provide vastly different advantages than the other.

However, on more neutral ground if you’re looking for an option that’ll be the most useful regardless of which field it is useful in, then medicine might be the go to choice for you, as it does provide knowledge on some ongoing illnesses around any village and even helps form some useful special connection with certain NPCs.

Hope this guide helps you to choose the best background in Pentiment, Let us know in the comment section!

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