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Panilla Saga Epic Adventure redeem codes (latest): Free diamonds, Magestones, and more

Redeem and earn free rewards

Panilla Saga is an idle RPG game for mobile by Ujoy Games. Players in Panilla Saga may participate in a variety of ways as they embark on an adventure and strategically assemble a team of five heroes, each with a special ability to aid in taking down the adversaries. Due to the game’s quick ascent in popularity, the creators have currently offered a ton of free codes for players to use in order to receive fantastic prizes. This article will include all currently active, free redemption codes for Panilla Saga along with the benefits they offer, as well as describe how to use them.

panilla saga redeem rewards
Image via Ujoy Games

Panilla Saga Epic Adventure: free codes and rewards

Here is a list of all the free redeem codes in Panilla Saga:

  • HALLOWEEN– x200 Diamonds, x50 Elemental Magestone, x1 Crystal Summon Voucher
  • PANILLASAGA– x200 Diamonds, x100 Elemental Magestone, x100 Common Obsidian, x2 EXP Pile (6h), x2 Coin Pile (6h)
  •  KASHMAN– x100 Diamonds, x50 Common Obsidian, x1 Gold Summon Voucher
  •  THANKSGIVING– x50 Common Obsidian, x2 Gold Summon Vouchers
  •  DC888– x100 Diamonds,x100 Elemental Magestone, x1 Gold Summon Voucher
  • SAGA777– x200 Diamonds, x77000 Coins, x60 Silver Hero Cards
  • JOINPANILLA– x200 Diamonds, x100000 Coins, x300 Elemental Magestone, x120 Silver Hero Cards, & x2 Gold Summon Vouchers 
  • FB777– x100 Diamonds, x60 Silver Hero Cards, & x2 EXP Pile (6h)
  • TW111– x100 Diamonds, x50 Common Obsidian, & x1 Gold Summon Voucher

Panilla Saga Epic Adventure: How to redeem codes

Follow the simple given steps to redeem all the codes in Panilla Saga:

  1. Tap on the profile icon at the top center.
  2. Tap on the Redeem Code button.
  3. Enter the redeem code as it is given.
  4. Tap on Confirm.
  5. Enjoy your rewards.
panilla saga redemption center
Image via Ujoy Games

How to get free redeem codes in Panilla Saga- Epic Adventure

Panilla Saga codes are dropped randomly without any specific time of release. Also, there are no fixed media to receive these free redeem codes. Make sure to keep your eye on our page as we will keep you updated with all the new and latest redeem codes in Panilla Saga.

What are your thoughts on the redeem codes of Panilla Saga Epic Adventure and its rewards? Let us know in the comments below!

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