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One Punch Man: The Strongest reroll guide with tips and tricks

Do the best reroll in the game!

A brand-new smartphone game called One Punch Man: The Strongest is based on the critically acclaimed manga and anime series One Punch Man. Saitama, the strongest person in the world, vanquished opponents with a single punch. In order to defend the populace from hazardous creatures, players must assemble a squad of heroes, outlaws, and villains. Players can also reroll in the game to receive powerful characters. In this article, we will guide you through the complete reroll process along with a few tips and tricks. Beginners of this game can also check our beginner’s guide for One Punch Man: The Strongest.

Steps to perform One Punch Man: The Strongest reroll

Follow the given simple steps to perform a reroll in One Punch Man: The Strongest.

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Avoid signing in to the game. Players have account limits while logging in to the game. The account will be wasted if you don’t like the hero that you get with it.
  3. Select a suitable server.
  4. Play the game until you have 10X coupons for summoning 10 heroes.
one punch man the strongest turn based combat
Image via FingerFun

In case you don’t get the desired hero, you can clear the data of the game and relaunch the game again. Repeat the reroll process until you receive your desired hero.

Why should someone reroll in One Punch Man: The Strongest

As you know there are many characters in One Punch Man: The Strongest. They are all classified according to overpowered, good, average, and bad heroes. Typically, nobody wants a bad or average hero at the start of the game.

So here is where the reroll option comes in the help the players. You can reroll as much as you want until you get an overpowered or good hero. It is because making the beginning of the game better and starting the game with an overpowered hero will be a good advantage to someone.

Best Heroes for One Punch Man: The Strongest Reroll

SSR Heroes

Carnage Kabuto

one punch man the strongest carnage kabuto
Image via FingerFun

Carnage Kabuto is one of the best damage reflector characters. Overall the character has great defensive and offensive attributes which make him one of the best characters in the game. There are some of the best skills are Rigid Arm, Ultra-Kabuto, and Extreme-Kabuto. It is highly recommended as it stands out the best among all the other characters. Using its best skill moves can knock anyone down.


one punch man the strongest king
Image via FingerFun

King can be one of the best attackers on your team if used perfectly. This character also serves you as an energy blocker which can sustain damage from enemies. Have great offensive stats but are average in defensive areas. Skills include extreme-strong, King’s face, and Ultra’s King. If you want both offensive and damage sustainability you should go for rerolling for King.

SR Heroes


one punch man the strongest genos
Image via FingerFun

Genos is an offensive character as well as a defensive. He has great critical damage rates which are the most powerful. Genos uses his major ultimate attacks to wipe out the entire column which makes him a column attacker. He can also burn your enemies. His skills include Machinineguin Blows, Incineration Cannons, Relentless, and Justice Power. If you want to wipe out an entire column of monsters you can give rerolling for Genos a try.


one punch man the strongest Iairon
Image via FingerFun

Iairon is a hero with great critical hits and can sustain high damage from enemies. Using his ultimate powers, he can wipe out all the enemies from the rows which makes him a row attacker. His skills include Iaido Slash, Scabbard Slash, and Iaido Iron. It is recommended as it is best for wiping out front-row monsters.

What are your thoughts on our reroll guide for One Punch Man: The Strongest? Let us know in the comments!

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