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NERF Superblast guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

All the necessary tips and tricks

NERF: Superblast is a new and one and only official NERF First Person Shooter game released on 7th September 2022. It’s a 3v3 multiplayer game on mobile with various types of Nerf Guns to choose from and enter the battlefield for a match. In this article, we are going to read about some of the best tips, tricks, and strategies for NERF Superblast, which are going to help every new player progress through the game more smoothly.

NERF: Superblast best beginner tips, tricks, and strategies

Complete the beginners tutorial in the game

As soon as a player enters the game for the first time, a tutorial starts immediately. The game is going to ask you to collect a number of energy drinks by controlling the character using a joystick which will lead you to a place where there will be a few targets.

nerf superblast tutorial
Image via Nitro Games Oyj

Shooting those targets down will complete the first part of the tutorial. Then a match will start in the training grounds with the bots, there will be 3 red bots which you’ll have to beat in order to complete the tutorial.

Once the tutorial is completed you’ll be rewarded with a Nerf Crate from which you’ll get a certain amount of Nerf Coins, a new Nerf Gun, and an amount of Blasters Points which is going to make you eligible to upgrade your Nerf Guns.

 Claim free login rewards and daily packs

There’s a free option in the lobby of the game from which players can get various rewards just for logging into the game for 7days. These rewards are only available for new players who just started playing the game.

On day one the reward for the players is 1200 Nerf Coins which they can collect just by logging in. The second reward gets unlocked on day 2 to be collected and is a Nerf Crate, just like this on day 3 it’s again a Nerf Crate, on day 4 it’s 125 Nerf Coins, on day 5 it’s another Nerf Crate, on day 6 the players are gonna get a Mega Crate and at last on day 7 the players are going to get an Epic Nerf Gun as a reward for logging in for 7 days straight which is known as Megalodon.

nerf superblast rewards
Image via Nitro Games Oyj

Now the daily pack also consists of different rewards such as Nerf Coins, XP points, Gems, and Arena Tokens. These rewards can be collected every day by just watching an Ad for a few seconds. After watching the ad the rewards will automatically be credited to your account, again after 24 hours players can watch another Ad to collect these rewards once again.

The same goes for Shop rewards, which can be claimed after opening a shop and watching an ad. These rewards are going to help the players progress through the game faster and easier.

View and upgrade Nerf Gun

Viewing Nerf Guns which are yet to be unlocked gives the players insight into what they should unlock or buy next. This will help them learn how certain Nerf Guns perform and which are suitable for the players. Players will also be able to create certain strategies beforehand, by just having an overall idea of how to use the Nerf Guns.

Guns can be viewed in the load-out menu,  without even buying or unlocking them. The guns which are unlocked are upgradeable. Learning about the upcoming guns the players are going to buy, will help them with an overall view of the guns they are going to use.

nerf superblast upgrade guns
Image via Nitro Games Oyj

Upgrading guns are a huge part of the game, it helps in increasing damage, increasing movement speed, reducing reload time, and much more. Players can upgrade them with Nerf Coins which will make the guns easier to use but the guns are going to perform amazingly. This will help them kill enemies faster by giving more damage, or by moving away from enemy firing as the players also can move faster if they upgrade their guns to a certain point.

Complete quests

There are two types of Quests, Daily Quests, and Weekly Quests. The grand reward is different for both the quests, daily quests give arena tokens in reward for each mission which ranges from 20 to 30 on the other hand weekly quests give 75 to 125 arena points per mission. When all the missions are completed in daily quests the players are rewarded with a Quest Crate, but if all the missions are completed in weekly quests then the players are rewarded with Supreme Quest Crate.

nerf superblast quests
Image via Nitro Games Oyj

The daily quest gives the players a total of 24 hours to complete all the missions and collect the crate and in the weekly crate, the players get a total of 7 days to complete the missions and collect the crate. Eventually, the missions are longer in weekly crates than daily quests but the rewards are also better.

Collect Trophy Road and Arena rewards

Trophy Road

There are various rewards to collect from Trophy Road, playing multiplayer mode will gain the players trophies which will advance them to the next rewards in the Trophy Road which can be viewed by clicking on the top left corner behind the profile. The players can visit and see all the rewards waiting for them once they reach a certain trophy goal by playing multiplayer matches.

nerf superblast trophy road
Image via Nitro Games Oyj

There are various rewards such as Nerf Crates, XP points, different Nerf Guns, and much more. There’s also the trophy league which is going to last for 15 days as seen till now. Players may collect trophies by winning battles and gain rewards with a ton of experience.

Arena Rewards

Arena Rewards also contain a lot of rewards and those rewards can be collected by progressing through the arena by getting lots of Arena points. These points can be achieved from many places such as Quests, Crates, Daily Pack, etc. Players can also buy the Premium Pass which will even give them better rewards for progressing through the game and Arena Pass. These rewards can be used in the game for building a stronger weapons or upgrading them which will eventually make their gameplay more wholesome and fun.

What are your thoughts on our Nerf Superblast beginner’s guide? Let us know in the comments!

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