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MIR 4 documentary reveals the secrets of the popular blockchain title

Learn what makes MIR 4 so special!!

MIR 4 is a Play to Earn MMORPG built on the Wemix blockchain. The team thinks this game is an evolutionary version of how blockchain games are aspiring to be. The game allows its users to earn money by playing. The game itself is not a simple one but a very technical one. In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about MIR4.

Why earning money is easy in MIR 4

In MIR 4 there are a few steps where you end up minting NFT and then you sell that NFT for a price. The steps are as follows:

MIR 4, play and earn, how to mint NFT, blockchain game, WEMIX
Image via WEMADE
  1. Darksteel: Users first need to mine darksteel through PvE activities.
  2. Draco: DRACO is a demand-side platform that allows users to smelt darksteel.
  3. WEMIX: Earn WEMIX credit by exchanging tokens, i.e Darksteel.
  4. HYDRA: Users can earn Septaria by playing Conquest of HYDRA which serves a similar purpose as DRACO.
  5. NFT: Users can exchange DRACO and HYDRA for WEMIX credit and then exchange those credits for WEMIX coin in return.
  6. WEMIX Coin: Users can then earn money by selling these WEMIX coins on any cryptocurrency exchange platform like, bybit, etc.
MIR 4, play and earn, how to mint NFT, blockchain game, WEMIX
Image via WEMADE

Players can earn money by selling their characters as well. To do that they need to meet some prerequisites, like the character should be above level 60 and must have a player score of above 100,000. Players can then turn their character into an NFT and then sell it to earn some money.

How MIR 4 is changing its users’ lives

MIR 4 has allowed its users to earn a good amount of money just by playing the game. A player from Thailand earned $600 by selling just 2 characters NFTs. Some users were able to pay off their mortgage just by playing the game.

Users with no money in their accounts went on to have quite a bit just because they were able to exchange the in-game tokens for Thai Baht. This makes its users feel fulfilled. One of the users was able to sell a character for $1.05 million (5 million BRL). These numbers make it hard to believe that you are just playing a game.

Amid the covid, the game helped its users a lot by providing them with a form of income. Photographers, cosplayers, etc. turned into professional gamers because of the game’s potential and the amount o money its users have made just by playing it.

The game has not only helped its players earn money but also has helped them in their personal lives as well by helping them connect with their close ones, and make new friends from around the globe.

What makes this game special and widely loved is that the game actually values the time that you put in as a player. The more time you put in, the more chances you have to earn a higher amount of money.

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