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Kinetic Games says Phasmophobia is going to be scarier as a game

The game will go under major rework

Phasmophobia is a ghostbuster game by developer Kinetic Games, in which players encounter ghosts and try to identify them. Players go through many ghost events, ghost haunts, and encounters and sometimes even die progressing through a match. Kinetic Games recently made a post on Twitter regarding a list of updates that are going to happen and a few which are being planned by them. Owing to the popularity of the game, any further improvements in the game are highly anticipated. It is made clear that the developers are trying to make the game way scarier than before.

The recent Phasmophobia update includes new feature and map rework

The recent update for phasmophobia added a difficulty feature for players to set and also reworked a map known as asylum which is also the biggest map in Phasmophobia. Many complaints were made by the fans about this map that it was a big map and somehow they felt a bit bored playing it. Though the latest update patch has reduced it to 70 rooms from 80. The updates made by the developers are noticeable and better, Kinetic Games also is making additional progress for the game to be better in the future.

Kinetic Games will rework on every model in Phasmophobia

The developers referred to new ideas for the game which they call “Horror 2.0”. This will be a change made in the near future updates of the game which is regarding the ghosts. The developers are going to make an updated reworking of each and every model whether it’s the ghosts or the characters, also they’ll be adding a few more events, sounds, and anything else the developers can do to make the game scarier to play. They also are adding new equipment for certain maps, new challenges, and even new player models.

New maps are coming to Phasmophobia

Kinetic Games mentioned that new maps and areas are being developed and edited constantly, these are going to be coming in the future through various updates. No release date has been mentioned by the developers till now but it is confirmed that some updates will be coming pretty soon. Many players are interested in seeing new maps as after the release of Halloween’s Maple Lodge Campsite, not a single update was given regarding new maps.

phasmophobia scene
Image via Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia has been one of the best and most popular games in the horror genre since it was released in 2020. It is still pretty popular among the streamers and gamers too, on top of that Kinetic Games pushed different updates and rework patches to keep the game active and fun to play. Now Kinetic Games is even making this game scarier than it was before so it’s pretty exciting for the players to wait for any further updates.

What are your thoughts on the reworks coming in Phasmophobia? Let us know in the comments!

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