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How to buy Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 in India

Maximize your chances to grab a next-gen console

Getting your hands on a next-gen console in India isn’t just shopping anymore. Sony and Microsoft released their new consoles back in 2020, PS5 and Xbox series X|S respectively, a lot has changed since then except for the availability of these next-gen hardware. As a result of the chipset shortage values of the console are increasing in the after-market. Although the stock issue is going on worldwide, India is among the list of countries to face the most scarcity of next-gen consoles along with South Africa and others. In the guide below we’ll explain how to maximize your chances to get PS5 or Xbox series X|S amid the next restock.

Information on the restock date is essential

The update on restock isn’t exactly very transparent to the customers, so it’s very important to have a trusted source of information regarding the restock of the next-gen hardware. We can definitely recommend @ICGOriginals as a trusted source and alternatively, you can follow @Consoles_India as the source of your restock information.

Make sure to keep an eye on the dates and prepare ahead of time by adding your desired payment method to the retailer websites.

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Don’t restrict yourself to just a few retailers

The consoles are available on a plethora of websites in India so don’t restrict yourself just tothe retail giants Amazon and Flipkart. We’ve prepared a list of official retail partners of the PS5 and XSX|Sfor you if Amazon and Flipkart run out of stock.

It’s very important to check all of the retailers at the time of restock as one of them might have one or two left for you to grab. As we’ve seen over the past restocks Chroma holds the PS5 Console till the last.

Wishlisting also helps in the quest to buy next-gen hardware

Wishlisting can be really helpful when buying the consoles as the listings (with out of stock tag) will be available to you even before it’s live, so that when it goes live you can access it easily and efficiently. At the current state of market, every second counts at the time of restock and this might just do the trick for you. Check out the full method on @Consoles_India with a wishlist that they provide.

It’s definitely better to fill your address and other details beforehand. You can buy PS5 and PS5 DE through the wishlist provided by them.

Beware of scalpers and scammers

Scalpers play a significant role in the shortage of the Consoles as they buy them during the restock and sell them at a much higher price. However, it might cost you a fortune to get consoles from them in the offline market. Also, there’s a possibility that it can be a brick PS5 or might just be a total scam as evident in many instances such as

Xbox Series S can be the savior if you can’t get your hands on the others

The Xbox Series S has a comparatively low resolution (1440p with 4K Upscaling up to 120 fps) and a weaker CPU (3.6Ghz) and GPU (4 Teraflops). If you’re on the Xbox side of the spectrum this can be the savior right now as it’s way easier to grab than its more powerful counterparts and also comes with the lowest storage which might be a problem with games getting bigger in size.

But if you don’t want to wait for the next restock or if resolution and Storage aren’t a problem for you then it can be a perfect match for you.

When can we expect the Console shortage to end

As of now the state or global shortage doesn’t look to slow down at a higher rate so if the situation holds itself like this it might take one or two more years to get the consoles in full supply as you’d expect as depicted by @Zuby_Tech on Twitter.

Hope this guide on buying the next-gen consoles such as PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X will be useful to you. Let us know in the comment section.

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