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Glory and Civilization redeem codes (latest): free resources, diamonds, banners, and more

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MoonWalk Interactive Hong Kong Limited developed the renowned MMO strategy game Glory and Civilization. Glory and Civilization immerse its players in the realm of ancient empires where they may organize armies, command them, and engage in conflict with other nations. Due to the game’s quick ascent in popularity, the creators have currently given players a ton of free codes that they may use to obtain fantastic prizes. This article will detail every free redemption code that is currently active in Glory and Civilization, along with the benefits they offer, and will also explain how to use them.

Glory and Civilization free codes

You may use these free redeemable codes to earn fantastic, unique gifts. The likelihood that these codes may expire soon is very high, even if they are currently active and functioning while this piece is being written. So act quickly and input the codes below to receive awesome rewards! The Glory and Civilization free codes listed below may be used by gamers to earn fantastic free gifts.

  • VIP555– x666 Diamonds, x20,000 Wood, x20,000 Coins, x1 Sword of Oath, x1 Eternal Joan of Arc.
  • VIP666– x1 Eternal Caesar, x1 Dominion Crown, x20,000 Food, x20,000 Iron, x666 Diamonds.
  • VIP777– x1 Eternal Xiangyu, x1 Banner, x1 Refining Agate, x20,000 Coal, x666 Diamonds.
  • VIP888– x1 Eternal Lady Zhen, x1 Warrior Armor, x20,000 Steel, x1 Skill Emerald, x666 Diamonds.
  • VIP999– x1 Eternal Wu Zetian, x1 Vulcan Whip, x20,000 Exp, x1 Skill Coupon, x666 Diamonds.
glory and civilization rewards
Image via Moonwalk Interactive

How to redeem codes in Glory and Civilization

Players may easily redeem tickets and receive free gifts in Glory and Civilization thanks to the in-game redemption centre. Follow the instructions below to complete this procedure quickly and receive your rewards:

  1. Open the game from your home screen.
  2. Tap on the profile icon on the main screen.
  3. Tap the Gift code icon.
  4. Enter the redeem code.
  5. Tap on exchange.
  6. Enjoy your reward.
glory and civilization redeem centre
Image via Moonwalk Interactive

How to get free redeem codes in Glory and Civilization

Glory and Civilization redeem codes are dropped randomly by the developers. There is no specific media or website for receiving these codes. Keep your eyes on our page, as we will update you with the latest redeem codes for Glory and Civilization as soon as they are dropped by the developers.

What are your thoughts on the redeem codes for Glory and Civilization? Let us know in the comments below!

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